Lunapads Intern Nancee

My Luna Internship

Lunapads Intern Nancee

I had an awesome summer working at Lunapads as a Marketing and Info Tech Intern this summer. Last year I was very lucky to work for Lunapads on the “Ditch the Disposables” and “Pads4Girls” videos.  Getting to come back for a second summer was an unexpected treat that was made possible by Industry Canada’s Small Business Internship Program.  The program provides small business enterprises with grants to hire post-secondary students to assist them in adopting e-business strategies.

This summer has been very eventful at Lunapads. To start, I got to do a lot more than just making videos! Working in a smaller business allowed me to take on larger and more diverse projects than what a large corporation would have allowed. Rather than your stereotypical Intern tasks, I got to tap into many different parts of the business, from Customer Service to IT to Marketing.

I was able to really sharpen my Marketing and IT skills under the supervision of Lunapads Webmaster Lisa. Seeing how the company operates from its backend, using my skills in social media as well as creating a video marketing campaign has been such an invaluable learning experience.  Seeing the actual results of my efforts in the form of more YouTube Subscribers, more YouTube video views, blog responses and number of contest participants has also been very rewarding.

Participating in Lunapads big move was very exciting, too. It is great to see a company owned by women grow and expand at such a promising rate. Madeleine and Suzanne are amazing mentors and role models for young women entering the business world. As I finish my last bit of university and venture into the workforce, it is very promising to know that women can be very successful in business without having to sacrifice their values or vision.

For me, the company culture at Lunapads is one of the main reasons why my experience was so fulfilling.  I am very grateful to have mentors who cared that I got as much out of the experience as possible. The theme of sisterhood prevailed throughout my internship. Watching women work as a team to develop a product that betters the lives of other women was absolutely empowering. Not only do I leave Lunapads this year with a diverse arsenal of e-commerce business skills, I leave this year with a better understanding of what the word feminism really means. For this, I will be forever grateful. I have so much respect for you ladies at Lunapads, keep up all the positivity!

On that note I’m off to take on another year of research and classes. Thank you Lunapads for such a summer – you ladies have been amazing to me. I’m sure you’ll see me again.

Love and Blessings,

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