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To say that we were blown away by the response to our LunaRevolution Video Festival & Contest is a seismic understatement – it was literally one “WOW” after another at yesterday’s staff viewing. Thank you so much to all of you who participated; we are deeply honored by your efforts.

The overall experience has been more complex than “WOW” suggests, however, and I want to address that it was not as easy as sitting down with a bowl of popcorn and basking in the Luna-love. I cannot go any further without first acknowledging the efforts of Nancee, our Video Intern (here for her second summer, woot!) and our IT wonder Lisa. Nancee is a fabulous tech-geek workaholic super-smart/nice person who is constantly seeking more ways to be helpful (if you can’t think of them, she will!) and then executing them with dizzying speed and efficiency. With equal dedication the perennially brilliant Lisa waded through the maze of technical issues with her consistently calm and sensible demeanor.

Clever staff and all, were there flaws? Oh yeah! We have not had a video contest in years, and naturally technology has advanced a notch or two. We decided to go with a Facebook application called Wildfire, which involved a bit of a learning curve and proved to have its shortcomings. Thank you to all of you who were smart enough to point out the not-totally-clear bits and have been patient enough to bear with us while we worked it out.

We received 21 (TWENTY ONE!!!) submissions, which we considered to be totally amazing. Twenty-one Lunapads fans felt inspired enough to take the time to tell us how our products have changed your lives: how incredible is that?!?

It was a massive challenge to choose the top picks, and if we have any regrets it’s that we didn’t create more categories and/or Honorable Mention spots in the first place (it would have looked pretty silly if we had created a dozen categories and only had three submissions, for example). Finally, we didn’t all agree about, for example, what made a video particularly “creative”, and so I want to highlight what we felt was uniquely awesome about the videos that may not have fit into a particular category.

Our 5 Honorable Mention Prizes:

another drum roll, please…

Laura Eadon Laura’s video offers a thoughtful presentation of detailed storage, use and care of her Lunapads, along with a great musical choice. Cute fish, too!

Melissa Hussell  Melissa delivers an intimate account of her LunaRevolution that dispels the myth that Lunapads are not suitable for heavy or irregular periods. The lighting and her warm, frank tone made it feel like a slumber party talk.

Lynn Jackson A fantastic “before and after” presentation, as well as a wonderful example of getting over the “ick” and “crunchy, hippy-dippyness” factors in switching to Lunapads.

Derian YoungNewly-minted Lunagal Derian brought a powerful and convincingly delivered environmental message to her video. Bonus points for the hand-drawn Lunapads sign!

Julie Winkelman. We loved Julie’s straightforward yet poignant truth-telling that her LunaRevolution had more to do with economic necessity than menstrual unicorns and rainbows.

We also want to do a further shout out for the other staff faves:

As mentioned in our last post, Holly Pluchinski and  Kendra Gabert came in a very close 2nd and 3rd place for the most-votes (people’s choice) award, and we loved their videos too. We really want to thank you both for your contributions to our contest, and totally commend you for rallying and inspiring so many others to vote!

Best Lunapads hand puppet: We loved Sarah Merrills indignant Lunapad (used for only 5 days per month, only to be neglected the rest of the time) – le sigh!

Best antidote to “Hail to the V”: Tyshia Gray‘s talking hand had us in stitches (“It’s the best thing since… can I say that on television?“) and wowed us with her homemade soundtrack.

Best use of a notepad: Jasmine Huffs “LunaRevolutionary” definitely got creativity points, and we really appreciated the shout out for our stickers.

Most sincere: Hillary Dorans “Luna=Love” almost had us in tears. And she did it all in one take – way to go!

Best International submission: Meike Walter from Germany graced us with this lovely video. The cupcake pattern makes us happy too, Meike!

Wish that your audio would have worked, because the footage looks fantastic: We sincerely hope that Nicole Murray will re-submit “Pillow-y Comfy Spill Proof…” the next time we have a video contest with audible sound – gotta love those disposables spoofs!

Best “The Price is Right” moment: Joanna Logan, you are one awesome salesperson! Her “Luna Revolution” also featured cinematography that brought The Wizard of Oz to mind.

Most tireless Lunapads supporter and Best Setting: Stephanie Sears is one of our most ardent longtime supporters. We loved seeing her “Rockin’ her Lunapanties” on a hiking trip in the beautiful foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

Best “Reality Check”: Rachael Clarke‘s footage of an endless aisle of disposables at “Padmart”, as well as a nasty tampon “dip n’ shred” episode made her video a standout.

Cutest kid: Penny Fantigrossi‘s family photos were a beautiful touch to her simple yet deeply personal video.

Best use of props: Janice Langston offers a great countdown of her top DivaCup perks, featuring money, her iPhone, and a trash can to make her point!

Thanks again to everyone who participated – you’re all STARS in our book!

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