How does your partner feel about Lunapads?

How does your partner feel about Lunapads?

How does your partner feel about you using Lunapads?
Are they supportive? Not so much? Post a comment about your own experience and you could win a pair of  Lunapanties in the style of your choice!

This contest is now closed.

We had someone post on our Facebook Wall asking to hear from Lunapads users about how our partners feel about Lunapads. I felt compelled to reply because my hubby is for sure a LunaGuy!

With a gaggle of girls in the house, we had a huge negative impact on the landfill & a lot of bathroom garbage. So many used pads! I’m not sure many enjoy dealing with used disposable pads. Mind you, our dogs love them! My husband is an environmentalist – the kind of guy who recycles the wrappers on straws. He is also a Poly Sci major, animal lover and would go out and buy pads for us in an emergency! (he is a sweetie)

When our family discovered Lunapads, he was on board before my teenagers were, because:

• No more bathroom garbage!
• We’ll save money!
• He never has to go buy pads for us!

It was a no-brainer for him. In our house, he is the one who does our laundry. His opinion on washing Lunapads: ”It is no big deal. I toss them in with the rest of the clothes, they are not gross (the girls pre-rinse them), much nicer than the disposable garbage for sure, and kinda cute.” He also thinks that the Lunapanties Hipsters are sexy.

I am pretty sure he is enjoying the calmed period times too. I noticed once when one of my daughters was using disposables (someone else got her some, arghh!) – she was nasty! I can’t say for certain, but I suspect not ingesting toxins monthly could eliminate or reduce PMS symptoms. It is something I noticed in my own life once I was off the chemical laden pads. I felt better.

I read a study somewhere about the blood in umbilical cords, and that this blood (which is supposed to be pure) is already filled with toxins.  This means mom does not filter out everything as previously thought. We do not start with a clean slate, and it will take generations of clean living to rid the bloodlines of the past mistakes. More info here:  The Body Burden – The Pollution in Newborns

So why are we waiting? Why are we adding to what our bodies have to deal with? Why is it that people are still drawn to the seeming convenience of disposable products? This is the Lunapads battle!

The good news is the typical Lunapads’ customer demographic is growing and expanding – younger and older & all over the map! If you want to help and have local stores you think are perfect for Lunapads’ products, go to our refer a retailer page (we’ll send you a little thank you gift and are having a draw at some point for those who refer a store we successfully convert to the Luna Revolution). Anyone can do a referral, even if they are not Lunapads users themselves!

Thanks to all of you for your support and engaging questions!

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  • Tennille_olson

    My hubby is very supportive!  I recently went through Chemo for Hodgkin’s and I did some research on cancer and realized the possibility that the cancer could have been caused by some of the products I had been using, particularily a soap I had been using to treat my psoriasis.  My sister just started using a DivaCup and couldn’t stop raving about it.  So I thought I’d give it a try and my hubby thought it was great because it didn’t contain any harmful chemicals and it was reusable and would save us money in the long run.  It took me about 6 months after that to switch completely over to cloth pads and I love them!  And my hubby likes them too because they are economical and I’m not putting harmful chemicals near my body.  I won’t ask him to wash them for me, but I know he would if I asked him to.  He has been so supportive in becoming more eco-friendly for my health.  So supportive in fact that he took the unopened box of tampons that I still had and to the school nurse to give out to girls in need at the school where he works.  Before I married him I had no idea how open he was to new things like this and other things as well, but everytime I introduce him to something new he’s excited to learn about it and to give it a try.  It’s so exciting to be able to share new things with him that I wouldn’t have even considered before I had cancer.  And ironically enough, the Chemo cleared my psoriais.

    • Komara

      We would love to share washable options with schools! please contact your local public health nurse to contact us we would be happy to send examples of alternatives!

  • Toxic_rose84

    My hubby Loves the switch. He says it’s going to save us money, spares me from harmful chemicals, and it doesn’t smell like “period” (aka disposables) in the bathroom anymore.

  • I not only use but also sell Lunapads in France.
    My partner is absolutely fine about them, he is even capable of selling them!
    I show him every new print, new product I get in stock etc. and he helps me hanging them to dry if he’s around. No big deal!
    Since I had to switch over due to extremely sensitive skin, he can only support me I suppose.
    On Saturday I am presenting Lunapads in a store and the lady agreed that my partner being here would be great to show men can be fine about it too, that it doesn’t have to be taboo.

  • My husband is not only supportive, but will defend the Diva Cup and cloth pads to people when he hears that all too familiar conversation starter “Eww, I’m all about the environment but that’s just gross.”
    He worked for 2 years as a hospital janitor and will explain how much LESS gross they are to the person doing the laundry or emptying the trash. But he can also make a case for placentaphagy. 

  • Melissa

    I had already been using a Diva Cup for over a year when I got pregnant, and the thought of using all those gross huge “heavy flow” disposable pads for my postpartum care really oooged me out. So naturally I bought a postpartum kit of Lunapads and a few extras and they were wonderful. So comfortable! And not at all icky to clean or whatever people might think. I asked my husband a couple times if it weirded him out or if he thought it was gross that I was cleaning these things in the bathroom sink, and every time he looked at me strangely and was “no, why should it”. He was totally cool and natural about it, as if nothing could be more normal. Of course, he’s right. 🙂

  • Meg

    I tried Lunapads partly at the urging of my fiance. How much more supportive of Lunapads can a partner get!

  • Julie Winkelman

    My husband is pretty pleased with it. Though I have to say I have been re-using for 3-1/2 years, this is only recent news to him.
     He works at a company that manufactures robots and conveyor systems for companies like Campbell’s Soup, Mars candy and Kimberly Clark to name a few. When they work on a project, those companies send a sampling of their product so that the robots can be designed to the specific dimensions and weights of the cases they are intended to handle. At the end of the job, unless the company wants their product back, it is didstributed among employees. So, my husband brought home 6 cases (6 packages each) of Kotex pads. He was very proud of himself that we (I) would be stocked up for a while and I laughed and told him that I had that department covered but I appreciated the effort none the less.
    We ended up instead taking those boxes to a women’s shelter where they were very gladly to accepted.

  • My partner doesn’t have a problem with them. Well he doesn’t want to have to wash them, which I can understand. But right now I use a clear plastic ice cream pail as my soaking bucket, and that doesn’t bother him. And he has no problem with me throwing them in the wash with our towels…

  • Nicole

    To throw in a different perspective, my girlfriend is very supportive. Once we had been dating for a while i brought it up so there would be no awkwardness around that time of the month and she actually thought it was very cool! So now we’re both divagirls and spreading the word!

  • Catherine_p_l

    My husband could not believe how such a small change made such a big difference. The low down? No more chemical = no more rash for me. No more rash for me = more sex for him. 😛 He is also always amazed at how easy to wash it is and has told his own sister that she should make the switch!

  • Talual1820

    a month or two after i got my first lunapads set, she got her own! she just told me the other day how nice they felt (like a soft, fluffy cloud) and how she wanted a few more because she didn’t like having to hand wash them (we don’t have a washer at our place).

  • Talula1820

    a month or two after i got my first lunapads set, she got her own! she
    just told me the other day how nice they felt (like a soft, fluffy
    cloud) and how she wanted a few more because she didn’t like having to
    hand wash them (we don’t have a washer at our place).

  • Cherish

    My husband is a bit grossed out by them.  He is used to them by now but he thinks that pads in general are bulky and he would much rather I use tampons.  One of these days I might switch to a Diva Cup and he’ll probably prefer that.

  • Amy B.

    My partner knows I love LunaPads, and he’s fine with that.  He’s bought some for me before, he knows they go in the wash with his clothes, and he’s even touched them!  One time a pad clung to the inside of his sweater when I put them in the dryer.  He didn’t even realize it until we were out of the house.  Then he felt it, fished it out, and just handed it to me.  He’s also moved dirty ones out of the sink where they were soaking so he could brush his teeth.  We’re not squeamish, he’s pretty supportive, and I think he likes saving the money from not buying disposables!  

  • Alyssa

    My husband knows aaaallllll
    about it. He’s so supportive! There have been many times where he’s
    rinsed my pads for me before putting them in the wash (we cloth diaper
    so we’re pretty ok with organic type messes). He’s pretty gung-ho about
    Lunapads and Diva Cups and is excited that there will be all these
    wonderful choices for our daughter when she’s of age. I don’t think I could be with someone who was “grossed out” by something I consider to be so paramount in my life (I feel so much power from my cycle and I can’t imagine feeling like it was something to be ashamed of).

  •  My hubs is an awesomely wonderful person who even has a lunapads sticker on his car and yells “bleed with pride!” every time he sees me with my pads/or the bag they go in. I am so lucky to have him and a hubs and my daughter is even more lucky! She will never have to hide anything in this house and that’s awesome!

  • Mindais

    Mine is up for anything that doesn’t require him to grab “supplies” at the store.

  • Becky

    My husband (started using them when he was still my boyfriend, though) points and giggles every time we walk past the sposie menstrual aisle at the grocery store Every. Time. We are there. He is gleeful about the fact that we don’t need the waste in our house anymore, along with the money it saves. He made sure I have postpartum cloth for the impending arrival of our baby and has made me (what he has lovingly termed) ‘crotchsicles’ out of them…

  • Anonymous

    He isn’t really phased by them, he’ll fold them out of the laundry. He likes he doesn’t have to go out and buy anything for me and that I save money

  • Laura

    My partner adores that I wear Lunapads! Of course be loves
    That we save so much money on disposables but he likes
    it when I wear the Lunapanties cause I look so ‘cute’. Having
    A sister and having dealt with ladies issues all his life he is
    Supportive of anything that makes me feel good and makes
    My hectic life working outdoors on 12 hour shifts easier.
    Long story short he loves the Lunapads choice!

  • My spouse was…amused that I got cloth pads with pirate flags on them. (Also mermaids, kitties, and toadstools.) He doesn’t really care either way. If I have some soaking in the bathroom, they’re in a lidded container, and if they’re drying, they’re drying on my towels and they really don’t stain, so there’s nothing gross about them.

  • I have to admit I’m very happy to see that Lunapads encourages males to be involved in menstruation and feminine hygiene. I think it’s also lovely for women who are comfortable enough to share such intimate details with their partner, whether male or female. To see a male face in a predominantly “female oriented” site makes me smile that that Lunapads as an organization recognizes male participation.

    I have been trying to get my girlfriend to convert to Lunapads, but the idea of having to wash her blood out is still a challenge for her. Heck, I even told her I’d wash them if she had such a large issue with menstrual flow, but I think there’s a degree of embarrassment involved having your boyfriend washing your saturated pad. Nevertheless, I’ll still continue to encourage her to use them, though I sure as hell don’t want to make an argument out of it!

    I think perhaps one day I’ll get her some Lunapanties even if she can’t get herself away from conventional pads!

    •  Wow, I hope your girlfriend tells you everyday that you are the coolest boyfriend ever.

    • Iloveyouisthatok

      I commend you on not being grossed out by menstruation. It’s a real challenge for most guys and shows a real level of maturity. 

  • Cristen

    my husband is supportive of my switch to reusables.  He likes that I am healthier for ditching the disposables and we are saving money too.  Added bonus of feeling better during my period, less cramping for sure, which makes me less cranky.  Pretty sure he likes me less cranky ;o)

  • Kara

    At first my husband (then boyfriend) thought it was weird. He teased me about them and called them “hippie gear”. But I’ve told him how much more comfort I experience, plus he knows that we save a lot of $$ in the long run. He’s actually come around to the idea that maybe they’re not so bad…we even cloth diaper our baby (now toddler) part time at his insistence!

  • Gingi

    Initially he joked that I was even more of a hippy than he was but he stopped teasing me when he saw how much my quality of life improved with them. I have extremely sensitive skin and since switching to Lunapads from disposables a few years back I haven’t seen the doctor once for raw and/or irritated skin post period. He also loves that the Lunapads (+ a Diva Cup on occasion) has made long camping trips so much easier. No more having to figure out how to dispose of or store used pads in the woods. Lunapads are a breeze to cleanup and dry.

  • Dena

    I just purchased my lunapads during my last cycle so they came right after my period has stopped. I will get to use them this week and I am so excited!!! My fiance, however, doesn’t want to hear anything that has to do with my period so he quickly changed the subject when I talked about the pros of using lunapads…lol. I still continue to talk to him wether he wants to hear it or not! That is what partners do, right? I think once I actually use them he may appreciate it more.

  • Emily O

    My boyfriend is really supportive of my lunapad use. When I went to buy them I realized that I didn’t have a working credit card, so I went to my boyfriend and asked if I could use his card to order them. I ended up telling him all about what they were and why I wanted them, and he thought the idea sounded great. He said that anything that makes me feel more happy and comfortable with my body is a win in his book. He’s a big feminist, so he always supports me in anything I need to do to feel empowered. I pre-rinse them in the sink before putting them in the wash, so he doesn’t mind the idea of them washing with the normal clothes. 

  • My husband isn’t really affected by the change – other than there’s no more waiting week after my period anymore – before I’d be so irritated and raw from disposables, that it would take at least another week for me to feel normal again. So he seems happy that I’m happier, and more comfortable and that he has a wider window of intimate time every month! 

  • Sweet Assilem

    Ambivalent. My ex thought they were cool (or rather, they made me happy so that’s all that mattered). He thinks I should get the bike print since I’ve started biking.

  • Komara

    Thanks everyone for sharing I am so enjoying the support of our partners and the many different ways guys as do women feel about periods. It is lovely to hear about the super Lunaguys out there ! I love mine!!! 🙂 Looking forward to reading more of your comments. Heading off to the Biggest trade show in the Mom and Baby industry so I can get our products in your local store!!! HUGS to all of you!!!

  • Becki

    My husband has never minded at all – I rinse them in the sink and throw them in the laundry myself, but he’ll even help fold the clean ones. When asked his opinion, he said “You like them, so that makes me happy.”

  • Anonymous

    When I first started researching reusable options, I explained my reasoning to my partner. He knew I did not like tampons
    (they dried me out and were irritating) and that I really disliked the
    “stickiness” of plastic. He was casual and said something along the lines of “Hon, whatever makes you feel better and happy!” After I bought the Diva Cup,I was giving it a try at home (we leave our
    bathroom door open when it is just us home), he came in to get his brush and I at first stopped what I was doing but he shrugged it off and then started asking me about it a bit. In general he is very supportive and will also help wash the lunapads/panties if asked. He is not weirded out at all which I am very grateful for!
    I’ve been slowly spreading the word amongst friends & family – the Diva Cup is actually turning out to be the easier convert as lots of my friends are tampon users so for them it is better.

  • Elizabeth

    Once I explained to him that it would save money in the long run and make me feel better, he was okay with it.  Basically he said that other than the up front cost, he didn’t really have much to say about it because it was all about me and my decision.

  • Adica_Arethusa

    My boyfriend is supportive.  I was going to make the switch either way, but I still casually mentioned it to him so it wouldn’t just come as a shock out of the blue.  When I mentioned it to him, he thought cups and reusable pads were kind of strange (in a “I’ve never heard of this before, what is this?” sort of way), but if I wanted to, it was my body.  Now that I’ve been using cloth pads and a menstrual cup for a couple months, he’s gotten used to the idea, and sees that it makes me happier.  I think he’s kind of curious about them because he just has a curious nature, but at the same time he feels a bit awkward about it because it’s a period thing, lol.  I don’t feel like I have to hide anything from him (except actual bloody things because blood makes him nauseous and lightheaded).  I’ve even left rinsed pads soaking in the sink in the bathroom, and he doesn’t care at all.  He just uses the bathroom like normal and washes his hands in the kitchen.  He’s even asked me how I like the cup I’ve been using.

  • My partner is pretty darn supportive.  He may not share my excitement when I add a new pad to my stash, but he does appreciate the change in attitude about my period.  Disposables made me feel decidedly unsexy, but cloth pads really turned around my view of menstruation and made my period no different from the rest of the month when it came to confidence in my body.  Actually, I’m known to have a little extra spring in my step from knowing how much more self-sufficient I am when using cloth pads.  (-;  And my partner doesn’t mind the reduction in bathroom trash and costs at the supermarket either.

  • Amanda

    honestly, my husband has no idea when my cycle is anymore.  no more paper mess in the garbage and i barely ever have any cramps!  he loves the idea that we have less trash into a landfill and we both love the money saving!

  • debbie m

    my hubby supports whatever i do! he loves anything reusable and that is better for the environment.. 🙂 Less trash for him to empty, too!

  • Emma

    Since I am single I have no partner to judge what I do .

  • Ina

    My husband is very supportive…pretty much of anything I do. So when I told him I was switching to cloth, and told him some of the reasons why, he said he thought it was a really good thing, for me health wise, and for the environment.

  • Heenabobeena

    My boyfriend is very supportive and proud of me for taking such good care of my reproductive health. I’m no longer putting chemicals against my most sensitive areas and am much much more aware of the changes my body is going through each cycle.

  • I’m a menstruation activist and constantly talk to people about the negative impact of tampon and pads. He accepts that about me and he’s never said so but I think my passion for making the world a better place is one of the reasons he loves me but that being said he doesn’t want to see my dirty lunapanties or even my clean diva cup. I don’t hide them because of him. I refuse to feel like I need to be ashamed of them and he knows that so I think he’s gotten used to it even if it’s not what he would prefer.

  • Shalienemartin

    My husband disliked them when I first got them because he feared he would see them with blood all over it, but I assured him he would never have to see or wash them and he has began to worry less. He likes the fact that over the course of a couple months it will save a whole lot of money.

  • Taylor_daniels

    My partner is totally supportive of my use of lunapads! My every month use doesn’t bother him…as long as he doesn’t have to see! But I have no desire to say, “hey honey, look at my used period products!!” lol. He always spends time with me on my period, rubbing my abdomen if I have cramps…gotta love that man!!!

  • Sara

    Thank you so much to everyone who shared their experience with reusable menstrual products and their partners.  Congratulations to Alyssa on winning a free pair of Lunapanties! Be sure to stay tuned to our blog for more giveaways and politics, periods and personalities!

  • Sara B

    When I told my husband I was looking into buying some Lunapads, he said no. I’m not sure why but I got the impression that he thought it was gross. I decided that he isn’t the one who would be using or washing them so I bought them anyway. That was about a year ago. 
    He recently asked me how I am doing with LunaPads and the DivaCup (I tried these after a few months of test driving the LunaPads). I have been telling him for awhile how comfortable the pads are. I recently went on a 20 hour drive on vacation wearing a DivaCup. It was the best thing ever! Of course, I told him how great that experience was compared to if I had been wearing a tampon. I let him know that these LunaPads and the DivaCup were a great investment. He said that he is happy that I am happy.

  • Happyhowellhome

    My Partner Bought me my first set of cloth pads! He is as crunch as i am if not more!

  • Jen

    I’ve used cloth pads for 9 years now (since after my oldest was born).  I switched because I am allergic to latex and adhesives, and was constantly in pain from pads – and really didn’t like the way tampons dried me out, and the chemical smell gave me migraines.  When I got together with my boyfriend a year ago, I was using cloth and nursing my then 4 yr old.  He loves my whole attitude on doing what is healthier for me and the environment, and even agreed that I should recently try a menstrual cup – which I absolutely LOVE!  He is not a fan of all the blood when I empty it – but does help me clean up afterwards! 

  • Aparent

    My hubby, then boyfriend, was not grossed out at all. His family was a little taken back, but then again I am a bit of a hippie so they weren’t surprised at all lol! My hubby often jokes about it, and refers to my diva cup as my “shot glass” because that’s what it looks like to him. He’s a Marine, if that gives you a clue about his sense of humor.