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I recently went on a week-long hiking/backpacking trip to the Wind River Mountains in Wyoming and my period came the first day we were on the trail.  While I wouldn’t say it was entirely pleasant to be doing business in the woods during the peak of mosquito season, having a DivaCup and Lunapanties (along with a pStyle) was the best thing I could ask for.

With all the sweating and walking (the longest day was nine miles, which was also my day of heaviest bleeding), I’m sure I would have been chafed and in pain if I were still using disposables (not to mention probably picking up a pretty bad yeast infection from the lack of breathability).

Having products that are so light and easy to pack (I had to take undies anyway, and the DivaCup takes up next to no room at all), as well as not being burdened with the extra necessity of packing loads of used disposables to take back out of the wilderness was wonderful.  I got to enjoy one of the most amazing adventures of my life with little more additional thought and planning than the two guys I was hiking along with – and for that I am sincerely grateful.

Your products made it possible for me to enjoy and savor a trip through rugged, uninhabited, wild country and I cannot put into words how much that I am moved and touched my that fact.  Thank you all, so much, for making products that make it possible to live my life the way I want to!


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  • Musicalsarah99

    I loved using my diva cup while camping and backpacking all summer, it made life about a million times simpler!