BunchaFarmers Stain Stick Review

BunchaFarmers Stain Remover Giveaway
Check out Lunapads-fan Melissa (aka TarotLadyLissa on YouTube)’s fantastic video review of BunchaFarmers Stain Stick below! Tell us about your typical cloth pad washing routine and you could win a BunchaFarmers Stain Stick to try out for yourself, too.  We’ll announce a winner at the end of the week. Good luck!


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Other Reviews:

Awesome! Review by Adica
I’m going to have to join the bandwagon and sing the praises of this little stain remover. I just used it on some soiled pads and underwear, and it worked wonderfully to take the blood right out, in some cases stains came out even before washing. I even used it on some other random stains on my regular laundry, and it worked great on those, too. I had a bunch of old white shirts that had some yellow staining on the underarms that I’ve tried remove many times before, and this removed the stains in one go.

Awesome product! Review by Lindsay
I LOVE this product! My kids and I all have sensitive skin and a friend of mine recommended this cause other stain removers irritated! This takes out every stain that I have tried it on so far and it doesn’t bug our skin! I’m passing it on to my sister who has 2 small kids and a few other friends of mine!

Fabulous! Review by Lyndsay Chae
This is the BEST stain remover EV-AR! It took my stains out of my pads, and liners and undies! AND, it removes gross kid stains too! This is so multipurpose in the laundry room! It even helps on grease stains.

This stain remover is awesome! Review by China
This stain remover works great! It got the blood out of my pads very easily, and even got food stains out of my clothes too! Plus, the eucalyptus scent smells great.

Best Stain Remover Review by Carly
I purchased the stain remover for my Luna Pads and was absolutely amazed at how effective it is, so much so that I have even tried it on my kids clothing when they have stains from grass, spaghetti sauce, and other things. It has successfully removed everything I have tried it on and is far superior to the chemical based stain removers on the market. It has a wonderful scent and is now a standard in my laundry room.

Really works! Review by Kathleen
Even after reading the good reviews, I’m amazed at how well this works! I thought maybe it would just get most of the blood out, or make the stain look really light, but I actually can’t even see where the blood was on my liners. It’s kind of shocking!

So Good! Review by Alexandra
This totally exceeds my expectations for cleaning my Luna Pads! I just hand wash, use this soap and warm water, they come out looking as clean as the day I bought them. Works really well for panties that get stained too.

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  • April

    I figured getting stains out was a lost cause, so I do nothing with my liners other than throw them in the wash. But I was amazed by the video review of Buncha Farmers, I think I must try it now! 🙂 Awesome video, thanks Melissa!

  • Jessica

    I generally soak my pads and let them sit for a bit, drain off the water and toss them in with a load of towels. They’re a bit stained, but not super badly. I’d love them to look “pristine” again though, would be nice to try the stain stick !!

  • Christina

    I typically try to rinse my pads straightaway and then get them into the wash ASAP. If needed I have soaked them in the sink with room temp / warm water and a bit of natural detergent..I’ll definitely have to try out the Buncha Farmers stick on my pads!! Great tip about making the liquid spray and keeping a tiny piece of the stick in your travel pack btw. 🙂

    • Thanks Christina! I figured a liquid form would keep that darn slippery stick where I needed it! Keeping a tiny chunk in the travel pack is amazing! Just rub it on the pad and when you get home you don’t have to do anything but toss it in the wash or soak bucket!! I’m glad my video was helpfull! 

  • Vmargarit

    I soak my pads in my soaking bag after I’ve rinsed and scrubbed them with the Buncha Farmers stick.  I have enough pads for my whole period so I don’t wash them until it’s over.   I love love the Buncha Farmers stick, it works awesome.  I have no stains!

  • Hillary

    When I first purchased my Lunapads a few months ago, I also bought a buncha farmers stain stick so that I wouldn’t have to use harsh chemical stain removers. Boy was I surprised! It has removed stains better than any conventional stain remover I have ever used. I never worry about my pads becoming stained! My routine is to scrub my pads with cold water and buncha farms stain stick until the blood is almost all out. Then I soak it in a container until my cycle is finished, and wash them with the rest of my laundry on cold. Viola! Clean pads with absolutely NO stains, and they smell fantastic 🙂 Thank you Lunapads.com and BunchaFarmers!

  • Cool! I usually soak my cloth pads in cold water first (so I can use the water for my plants), then add hydrogen peroxide and soap to my soaking water before throwing them all in the wash. It works pretty well, but there are some light stains on my older pads. I’d love to try this stain remover.

  • Meg

    My normal cleaning mode is: rinse and then soak until i am doing another load of laundry.  Nothing fancy, nothing frilly –  

  • Cristen

    I rinse if the pad looks like it may need it.  I use a large wetbag to hold all the dirty pads.  At the end of my cycle, I rub the BunchaFarmers stain stick on any pads I think might stain and then throw them all in the washer.  Wash on warm, dry on low.  I am convinced that the BunchaFarmers stick is a magic wand.  I have yet to meet a stain, blood or otherwise, that this thing didn’t take care of.  Love it!

    • Congratulations, Cristen! You have won! Your stain remover will ship out on Monday.
      Thanks to everyone who participated and shared their washing tips!

  • Green Lifestyle Consulting Blo

     I put my pads in my toddler’s dirty diaper bag and then they go through with his diapers.  They’re made out of the same materials, so I figure the same wash routine works.  So far, so good.

  • Adica_Arethusa

    I wrote one of the reviews featured, and I still agree with what I wrote. My routine is rinsing my pads when I change them (or as soon as I am able to rinse) and store in a wet bag until laundry day.  The day before laundry day, I fill a large bucket with baking soda, soap, and cool water.  I let the pads soak in this overnight, directly adding soap to some more stained pads. The next day when I’m about ready to do laundry, I go through the pads and apply the BunchaFarmers stain sick to any remaining stains (on pads and the rest of my laundry), and launder in cold water with baking soda, natural detergent, and vinegar in the rinse cycle. I air dry because my dryer runs hot (and I have a dehumidifier in my laundry room, so they dry quickly).

  • Emma

    I used to have a lunapads soaking bag but i lost it. i would rinse my pads every night until i washed them. I kept them in the soaking bag in the meantime. Buncha farmers is great for light pads.

  • Skye

    I rinse and soak in cold cold water.  Then I wash them in the machine with hot water and a natural unscented laundry soap.  Finally, I hang the pads to dry and admire how clean and friendly they look!  =)

  • Taylor

    I put them under cold water, add a little hydrogen peroxide to the staining, and let it dry. Then, I put them into the washing machine under cold water. And then I let them air dry.

  • Marissa

    First I Just soak them in hot water and then in cool, add soap to get the stain at as much as possible, rinse, and put them in the laundry and then wash on laundry day. 

  • lace

    I handwash when i change them and leave them to air dry.  I only have 2 so I need to wash them right away

  • Sweet Assilem

    I just toss mine in the bath when I shower to rinse them and maybe give them a rub with a bar of fels naphtha soap. I’ve actually been looking for a more natural replacement to fels napyha and have been considering the buncha bar.

    Want to know what’s funny? My red Lunapanties are bunching up and making it look like I have a camel toe. No “smooth groove” would fix that! Lol

  • Raven_nia

    I would love to win I really want to try this please:) I hope it as good as ever one says:)

  • Egarden

    I can’t wait to try this stuff! I just ordered my first Lunapads and am excited. I will rinse them and then hopefully use this bar and then throw em in the washer!
    Here is to eco living! And better health 🙂

  • Dena

    I love the TarotLady! Her youtube reviews are awesome. Anyway. This is only my second cycle with lunapads. The first cycle I worked myself to death trying to get them clean every time I changed my pad. After I would change my pad, I would scrub them for however long it took to get the stain out. I noticed the light blue liners tend to stain more than any of the other colors. I used peroxide, stain removers, and bunchafarmers. Still took a little scrubbing and soaking to get them all out of the light blue liners. I wanted all the stains to be out even before I washed them in the washing machine! I am OCD that way. So I was on a quest to figure out an easier solution. I found Tarotlady’s youtube site and there was a video on how she takes care of her pads. I decided I would try that technique the next time but added a little something extra to the mix just to be extra sure I would get  rid of all the stains. So here is what I came up with for my second cycle and it worked pretty well. And I wasn’t spending as much time with the scrubbing etc. Instead of soaking the pads right away I would just throw them into a bucket. Once I got a whole “load” I added cold water to the bucket. I did this before I left for work. When I got home from work I drained the bucket and rinsed them out and sprayed with oxyclean stain remover. I let them sit for about 10 minutes, rinsed, and then placed them in cold water with a cup of the powdered oxyclean. I let them sit for an hour or you can let them sit overnight if you want. I rinsed and wrung out gently, then retreated with bunchafarmers if there were more stubborn stains. Last but not least, I would wash them in the washing machine with warm water. All the stains are gone except for very faint ones on the light blue ones. I am washing another load of clothes so I will wash the blue liners again with those. Just a question, can you wash them too much? Does it affect the pads or decrease the lifetime of them? I am going to keep researching easier alternatives and would love a more natural alternative than the oxy clean. TarotLady also has videos on how to make your own oxyclean as well. Love her!