Julie and Julia's Lunapads Period Makeover

Julie & Julia’s Period Makeovers!

Julie and Julia's Lunapads Period Makeover

Names: Julie and her grandmother, Julia

Ages: 27 & 79

How did you hear about reusable menstrual products?
Julie: A visit to Drugstore.com

Julia: Julie!

Please describe your monthly needs:
Julie: Cycle is usually 1 light day then 3-4 heavy days (all night and day) and an average day. The rest of the month is a light discharge on average 3 days per week.

Julia: My grandma deals with mild to moderate incontinence. She has limited mobility and stays at home most of the time. Two to three times per week she goes to a senior citizens health club for physical therapy.

If you are currently using disposable products, which ones do you use, and for what needs?
Julie: I only use disposables if it’s an emergency. If I am at friend’s house or out in public I will borrow/buy whatever is available. I am not really girl who likes to carry a purse so I’m not always very prepared.

Julia: She has to purchase Poise pads on a weekly basis costing about $30 per week. She does not have complaints about using Poise except that during the warmer months she says they make her “uncomfortable” but she is a bit too modest to mention the exact nature of discomfort.

If you are currently using reusable products, which ones do you use, and for what needs?
Julie: Diva Cup & another brand of cloth Pantyliners

Julia: I (Julie) have given her one Lunapads long style pad to try out and I have asked her to let me know how she likes it. She seemed very interested in the design and asked me a lot of questions about them. She seems open to the idea of using them but hesitated when I told her the initial cost. I explained that what it cost to buy Poise every week was more expensive in the long run and I am willing to help her get set up. I would like to outfit her with a few more and certainly some extra liners.

Why did you want to switch to reusable menstrual products?
Julie: I switched originally simply because I wanted something different. I had been a tampon girl and not loving any minute of it. I started using the Diva Cup and it was fantastic but lately I find that I don’t really need the amount of protection I get from the Diva Cup as much and since my period is so sporadic, I sometimes neglect to check it. I did recently purchase two Luna Pads sampler kits and a set of extra inserts, I haven’t received them yet, so I’m wondering if that will be sufficient.

Julia: Cost and discomfort during warmer months.

Anything else you’d like to share about yourself?
Julie: I love to do crafts with my kids!

Julia: I love to watch my grandchildren and great-grandchildren grow, they always brighten my day and make me laugh.

Based on your own experience, what message do you have for other women who might be thinking about reusable menstrual products?
Julie: They are sooo not as ewwww as you think!

Julia: I would love to hear your recommendations. No woman is too old to be a LunaGal!

Our recommendations for this sweet woman and her rockin’ grandmother!

Lunapads Rx

We are so stoked on this all in the family period makeover! To quote Julia, ‘No woman is too old to be a LunaGal!’ Right on!

Let’s start with Julie.  Since she is already such an outfitted Eco-positive period gal with her DivaCup, Pantyliners and more recently her Lunapads Sampler Packs, I thought we could make her day to day reusable menstruation product usage easier so she can spend more time making crafts with those kids!

For those on the go times when her period catches her by surprise, I would suggest Julie invest in some form of cute and discreet bag to keep a pad or pantyliner handy so she doesn’t have to pick up a disposable.  My personal fave is the Moonpad Bag because it has two compartments, one for clean and one for soiled + it comes in so many cute prints.  If that’s a bit much for her bag, a Carry Pouch is small and cute too!

I would also suggest Lunapanties to Julie.  Cute and comfy when you are menstruating (you can add, change and stack liner inserts as needed) and also really great for those days you expect you might be getting your period, aren’t quite sure and just don’t feel like wearing a pad.  They are designed with one layer of fleece already inside so if you do have some spotting or even discharge, they are a great help.  If nothing happens, no biggie, you just had a nice cozy day!

Next up, Julia!  Love that she is open to the LunaRevolution and I am curious to know if she ever wore a variation of cloth pads in her youth (adhesive style disposables weren’t created until the 1960’s)?  I’m pretty sure we’ve got that discomfort in the heat problem taken care of.  Lunapads are made from breathable cotton and have one layer of a water resistant nylon, to prevent any leaks.  I think our Long Pad is a great place to start.  I would suggest she try out mixing and matching some basic liner inserts with our wing liner inserts.  Wing liner inserts are not designed to snap close or stick to the gusset of your underwear, they are able to graze your thigh and provide some extra protection from leaks.

For overnight, I suggest she try a Heavy Pad with either a wing or tri-fold liner.  Overnight might be nice with a Lunablanket as well.  Not only cozy, soft and cute, they also provide peace of mind for any potential leakage overnight on the sheets.

Julia might also benefit from Lunapanties.  Similar to Julie’s circumstances, they already have one fleece layer inside for those ‘just in case’ days and can easily stack and change more liner inserts as needed.  Much more comfortable and breathable than Poise!

Enjoy ladies and thanks so much for sharing Lunapads with your grandmother Julie!

-The Lunagals

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  • Suzanne Siemens

    I love that quote “No woman is too old to be a Lunagal”. And I will add that no girl is too young either! Awesome work ladies.