Liz’s Period Makeover

Name:  Liz

Age: 21

How did you hear about reusable menstrual products?
I first heard about it in a vegan cookbook.

Please describe your monthly needs:
Its a  steady medium flow for the first 4 days then it starts to slow down over the next 2 days until it’s just a light pinkish then I switch to a liner for a day. I also have light discharge pretty frequently throughout the month.

If you are currently using reusable products, which ones do you use, and for what needs?
I made my own cloth pads and they’re all pretty bulky.

Why did you want to switch to reusable menstrual products?
I switched to save money and to keep pads out of the landfills.

Anything else you would like to share about yourself?
I’m a vegan mom of two girls love gardening and yoga!

Based on your own experience, what message do you have for other women who might be thinking about reusable menstrual products?
They work better then disposables in my own experience!

Our recommendations for this holistic, DIY mama!

Lunapads Rx

I think it’s awesome that Liz has made her own cloth pads and totally understand that it takes some time perfecting the design.  I am so glad to hear they are working better than disposables for her.  Let’s see what Luna magic we can create!

Liz has a medium to heavy flow that tails off super light so I would suggest she start with a Pads & Pantyliners Intro Kit.  It comes with one Teeny Pantyliner, one Mini Pantyliner, one Mini Pad with inserts and one Maxi Pad with inserts.  This gives her a good variety, she can get a better idea what sizes and styles she likes the best and she can determine how many of each she will need to last an entire cycle.  She may need a few more Pads and Pantyliners to have enough of a Luna stash to last.  Generally, women can wear one LunaPad per day by changing the liner inserts as needed.  For really light days, you can use a Pantyliner and change as necessary.

As an alternative for her medium flow days, she may want to try Lunapanties.  They are super comfortable and I know from experience, that they stay in place great during yoga and while gardening!

I think Liz will love our natural laundry soap, Nellie’s, all natural for both cloth pads and also for gently washing your kids clothes.  A BunchaFarmer’s Stain Stick is an essential for all types of stains and also completely vegan, natural and biodegradable.

Thanks so much for your commitment to taking the best care of yourself, your kids and our planet, Liz! Thanks so much for participating in our period makeover!

-The Lunagals

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