Femme Rock Cloth Pad Detergent from Rockin' Green

Rockin’ the cloth with Femme Rock!

Kim Webb of Rockin' Green

We’ve had a business crush on the fabulous team of RockinGreen soap company since they first hit our radar at the ABC Kids Show a few years ago. Here’s a picture of Madeleine and I with the RockinGreen team after a lovely breakfast with them in March 2011 at  Natural Products Expo West.  Since then the RockinGreen team has made even greater business strides, most recently acknowledged as “Fastest Growing Company of the Year” and its CEO, Kim Webb, as “Best Entrepreneur” at the 8th Annual Stevie Awards for Women in Business.

Rockin' Green and Lunapads

RockinGreen’s highly successful soap formula has clearly been a hit with cloth diapering enthusiasts all over the world. So, when we learned last spring that Kim was working on a formula for cloth pads, we couldn’t wait to try it out. Unveiled a few weeks ago, Femme Rock is now available at Lunapads for those who like to “Rock the Cloth”. To learn more about this fabulous product, I asked Kim a few questions.

When did you first discover cloth menstrual pads (or “Mama Cloth” as cloth diapering moms like to call it) and what were your initial thoughts about the idea  of using cloth?

I started using Mama Cloth shortly after the birth of my first son. I was already doing cloth diapers, so it just made sense to make the switch.

What was it like to switch from disposables? Do all the RockinGreen gals use cloth pads now?

We do! All the girls switched over in the office a year ago this month! It was an easy switch for us, they are more comfortable, easy to clean and saves a ton of money!

Tell us what inspired you to develop Femme Rock.

I wanted to create something that would specifically target the issues that come along with Mama Cloth. Staining is different from that of regular clothing and diapers, so I wanted to come up with something that used a specific cocktail of enzymes that would knock out the stains with little to no pre-rinsing.

What was the development process like in creating Femme Rock? What were you specifically looking for in the ingredients?

Femme Rock is our first product to contain enzymes, so we spent a great deal of time researching our options and trying out different things in the lab. All of our enzymes are made from mushrooms and are designed to target blood. So you get a really deep down clean with this product.

What makes Femme Rock better/more specialized compared to regular laundry detergent or from your regular RockinGreen formulations?

Femme Rock Cloth Pad Detergent from Rockin' GreenAgain, it’s all about the cleaning power. With specialized formulas, you are going to get less staining and less wear and tear on your Mama Cloth which means they will look newer for longer.

Get your hands on some Femme Rock: one of the most specialized laundry formulas for your cloth pads and panties. Your Lunapads and Lunapanties will love you for it!  As a special offer, we are launching Femme Rock at an introductory 15% off.  Order Here

This offer has ended.


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  • I ‘rock the cloth’ because it’s more comfortable, less wasteful, and surprisingly cute. Would totally love to find a way to get out stains without scrubbing!

  • Jeri Young

    I “rock the cloth” because it’s better for our environment, incredibly comfortable and cheaper! 

  • Margaret Burns

    Helps with skin irritation, the landfill factor, and it always helps the time of the month to walk around with something pretty in your britches!!

  • Mary Michaud

    I rock the cloth because it’s so much more comfortable, less mess, and better!

  • Tamalyn

    Yes it’s been said but I have gone all rock the cloth because it is SO COMFORTABLE compared to sticky, tacky, smelly conventional pads.  Plus waste free, love that.

  • Sarah k

    I rock the cloth because it is eco friendly and so much more comfortable than disposable pads!  Plus, it’s fun when you get to pick out a new print to wear rather than the same old white (chemical white) pads!!!  Way to go Kim and team for another awesome product! Can’t wait to try it!

  • Heather Bartels

    Who wouldn’t want to rock the cloth when it means going from white, plastic, medical looking disposables to pink cupcakes and bright flowers? I get to feel excited about something when my period comes, instead of the shame most American women are accustomed to. And, a total bonus, I can use black pads to minimize visual blood in front of a  whiny, queasy boyfriend. Saves money, looks great, minimizes landfill waste, is way more comfortable, no hassle AND matches my panties? Rocking the cloth is a no-brainer.

  • Nadia

    I “rock the cloth” because it’s a smart alternative to disposables. Cloths are so comfortable and it makes me feel good knowing that I’m doing what I can to take care of my body, and the environment.

  • Deb Hardy

    I “rock the cloth” because it doesn’t cause undesirable irritation, it’s healthier, it’s better for the environment, and because I’m worth more than plastic and chemicals!

  • Dalena Hamilton

    I rock the cloth because it is more comfortable, more environmental friendly, cheaper and prettier! It makes me happy for my period!

  • I rock the cloth b/c it saves me money, while supporting WAHM’ies. Also, the fabrics are so cute to choose from. 🙂

  • Catherine

    I rock the cloth because its more comfortable, better for the environment, cheaper over time, they’re cuter and no more emergency trips to the store because I ran out!

  • Deezer

    I rock the cloth, ’cause, well, it rocks!!  I love that I’m not contributing to more landfill waste, that I get to pick such cool prints to pretty up that time of the month (especially when you don’t always feel so pretty then), and that there isn’t any smells like you get with disposables

  • Beth P.

    I rock the cloth for my body and the environment! AND I save so much money in the process 🙂

  • MeikeW

    I “rock the cloth” because it makes me feel better: The cute patterns make me happy – during my period and throughout the whole month. The cloth feels sooo soft against my body instead of filling it with toxins . Besides, I produce way less waste and save money. On top of all that, the Lunapads community is simply amazing! I am so glad that I found you

  • Lotuseagle

    Because I never have to run out to the drugstore and they are sooooo much more comfortable.

  • amazingly, my lunapads have made the dreaded week of bleeding a fun experience. I love my colourful supplies, and to top it off, they are extremely comfortable. There’s no way that I could ever go back.

  • Ziggy28028

    I “rock the cloth” because honestly, I don’t want all those harmful chemicals from disposable pads on my lady bits every month.  When it comes to the environment, I also try to do my part by using reusable products (ie : mama cloth, cloth diapers, family cloth, menstrual cups).  I also love how comfortable they are & how they don’t make “noise” when moving or changing them in a public restroom.  And don’t forget about all the money you can save!

  • Anonymous

    I love rockin’ the cloth because it is much more comfortable for me – my body always seemed to hate tampons and I got tired of the price, crunchiness and discomfort with disposable pads. I don’t mind the little extra work to stain remove then wash my pads. I also suffer from endometriosis and pads are more comfortable for me, especially at the time of the month when the pain is at its worst.

  • Franclou

    I guess I’m a nubie 🙂 I have never tried them, so I would like the chance 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Not to be unoriginal, but like a lot of you ladies I rock the cloth because it’s much more comfortable! (The fact that it’s not much hassle, cheaper, and better for the planet are convenient upsides though.)

  • Candace

    So much more comfortable, no more allergic reactions to…something(??) in disposables and no waste. They’re cute too!

  • Rebekah Crouse

    I like to “Rock the Cloth” because it produces less landfill waste than disposable pads.  It also works very well now that I use the diva cup.  And, finally, I don’t have to use chemically processed disposable pads or tampons–I’m trying to phase those types of products out of my life!  🙂

    • Congratulations, Rebekah! You are the winner of our Femme Rock Giveaway. Please send your mailing address to me at lisa@lunapads.com so I can send your prize off to you.

    • Congratulations, Rebekah! You are the winner of our Femme Rock Giveaway. Please send your mailing address to me at lisa@lunapads.com so I can send your prize off to you.

      Thanks for your comments, everyone!

  • Mixelleleigh

    I’m not a leopard, I don’t want to show my spots! Thanks Femme Rock!

  • Nervewracker1

    Cloth doesn’t cause chafing and irritation like disposables did. Wouldn’t go back now. Love my Mama Cloth.

  • Momofalmost3

    I just switched to mama cloth. I have found it more comfortable and I get less leaks. It is great not to have to empty the bathroom trash 5 times a day too lol.

  • Soliloquy

    Cloth diapering went well, so here’s another way to look after our planet!

  • Callie

    I already use RockinGreen for our cloth diapers, and have been a LunaGal for many years (less impact on the earth and my wallet and more fun) so why not?!

  • Anonymous

    I’m always looking for a new way to clean green and actually have it work to get stains out, thanks.

  • Guest

    Always willing to try new green products!

  • Elizabeth

    Since discovering cloth pads, my entire attitude about my cycle has changed.  I no longer dread it.  It has become an opportunity for me to use some really awesome, comfortable, and gorgeous items.  In a way, it feels like a a bit of a celebration now, as I get to use these very special pads that make me feel good about myself, my impact on the environment, and also bring extra physical comfort at a time I need (and deserve!) it most.  I love “rockin’ the cloth” so much, that it’s actually become a bit of retail therapy for me (although more than a little addictive).  

  • Bre-anne Brown

    I love treating myself and the planet better!

  • Rebecca S.

    I “rock the cloth” because it is way more comfortable and way easier than going to the drug store and paying money for something I am going to use 4 hours and throw away.  I love making pads too, and have converted my two sisters! 

  • Lisa Kraft

    It makes me feel good to know what I haven’t sent to landfills over the last 4 years!

  • Cloth is not only more comfortable, but also so ecologically friendly. The colors, patterns and ease of use are fantastic. 

  • Courtney

    I started rockin the cloth because I was mad at my tampon company for changing the way my tampon was made and I was sick of spending so much money on stuff I’d throw away. I keep rockin the cloth because it is green, cozy and so much more reliable than a disposable.

  • Anna W.

    I like using them because they are comfy and they aren’t just plain jane pads like you find in the store plus they don’t give me any discomfort abd they don’t pull hair out! lol !! I feel like I’m doing my part in saving money and the planet!! 

  • Alanna

    I bought some homemade WAHM cloth diapers a while ago for my little ones and noticed that she also made ma ma cloth. I started thinking about it, at first the idea kinda grossed me out, but then I remembered one of the main reasons I put my children in cloth…to avoid all of those nasty chemicals in disposables and the amount of trash it accumulated. So, I decided to use cloth too, and get to enjoy some of the girl cloth prints that I couldn’t buy for my boys 😉 I am also a HUGE fan of RnG products and have yet to try Femme Rock.

  • I’ve been looking for a product like this!  I “rock the cloth” primarily for comfort.  Not only is it better for my skin (duh!), but it’s also better for my self-esteem!  Cloth doesn’t smell or leak like disposables, so I don’t feel ashamed about experiencing menstruation.  I used to obsess about if anyone could tell I was on my period — can they see my pad through my clothes? did I just make a crinkling noise? — but now there’s nothing to even worry about.  I just go on with my life and don’t even think about it.

  • I LOVE to rock the cloth because it is WAY healthier to use and also a TON more comfortable! Once I switched almost 3 years ago now, I said I would never go back…and I haven’t! 🙂

  • Melissa C.

    Made sense after switching my LO to cloth diapers, why not mamma cloth?  I am almost as addicted as to buying diapers lol

  • MamaK

    I rock the cloth because it’s more comfortable!  Cloth pads and my Diva cup have actually made my cycle more bearable.  However, dealing with the laundry is a pain.  I would love to try this new wash!

  • Vmargarit

    Because it’s cool!

  • Lisa

    Cloth is less irritating & more comfortable than disposables.

  • Breanne

    It’s way better for the environment!

  • Benelux2000

    I <3 my cloth pads! They're AMAZING! I actually had to use a disposable for a medical test a few months ago and my body reacted to just the few hours it didn't have it's soft and wonderful LunaPads touching it! I started using LunaPads because I was challenged to go ZeroGarbage from Easter to Christmas.  I was thinking how easy everything else would be if I could just get rid of that monthly garbage! (that adds up FAST!) I decided to start looking at cloth pads as an alternative. I found LunaPads and though WOW! That's it! That's the answer! 

    Just like many of the comments my cycle attitude has changed. It's actually positive now! I always look forward to being able to pull out my patterns and fun stuff!  I also noticed that my period is 2-3 days instead of 10-14!  I noticed that it's a lot lighter and less crampy! (who doesn't want that!)  One other thing has changed is my PMS.  My dad has even commented that he didn't even realize I was on my cycle because I wasn't moody. (just to please him, I turned on the mood swings, mwhahah) He said for the first time in years I was pleasant to be around during the time of the month!

    I can't imagine going back to the disposables! I was talking about it with mom and she's like OMG this isn't the Depression, we have things to use now, don't be like grandma!  I love my Grandma so that's the best reason to stay with it! Anything that was good enough for her, is definitely good enough for me! Obviously they have improved but it's still the same concept!  So from one grandma's girl… do what Grandma did… USE CLOTH! 🙂

  • Dena

    This is my fourth cycle using Lunapads and I must say, I love them more every time!!! They are so comfortable that I can’t even tell I am wearing them. Since I am on birth control, I know when my cycle is going to start so I go ahead and put a pantyliner on that day so I am ready. I never wanted to do that before with disposables! After experimenting with ways to clean them, I found a really simple way that requires no work at all. The money I am saving by using cloth and the fact that I am helping to save the earth is reason enough to ROCK the cloth!

  • lace

    It so much cheaper and comfier than disposables.