A Diva’s Guide to Getting your Period

A Diva’s Guide to Getting Your Period is the newest book by menstruation expert DeAnna L’am.  Who better to hear it from first than one of the world’s leading experts and pioneers of menstrual empowerment?  This is her first book written for teens and is appealing as it is quite a quick read full of beautiful images by Jessica of Vulva Love Lovely.

As a woman who has embraced her cycle enough to work for a company like Lunapads, I wanted to put myself back into the mindset of when I got my first period while reading.  I remember it being an overwhelming amount of new information to process and despite my mothers enthusiasm and support (she even bought me a book!), I still felt embarrassed about the newness of now being ‘a woman’.

I valued the reference to other cultures perspectives, including examples of traditions and language  of menstruation included in this book.  As a teenager who grew up in North America watching television, this could open me up to a radical new perspective and relevant education.

I really appreciate the answers to questions that were once spinning in my mind such as “What should I expect?” and “How long will it last?”.  Knowing that I wasn’t the only one with these questions would make me feel more at ease and also included into a greater community of women.

Lastly, I think DeAnna has done a wonderful job of creating a references section that includes cycling charts, herbs that can be helpful and a great list of menstruation product options (the only options I remember having were winged or non-winged disposable pads).  This list includes Lunapads!  Thanks for the shout out, DeAnna!

I highly recommend this book for any young woman who will be getting or has already had her first period.  The more tools we can gift to the younger generations, the more they can grow into very empowered women who truly embrace the gifts of the feminine.


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  • Janine Ogg

    awesome post and book, I’m definitely going to share this with all my Mum friends…those whose ‘baby’ girls are metamorphasising into young women in particular!