Hannah’s First Period Story

What’s your first period story? Tell us in a comment below! The following post is part of the My 1st Period Story Blog Hop hosted by Eco-Crazy Mom and Lunapads retailers Be Prepared Period. Hannah Murray is a Romance Author living in the Pacific Northwest. Her first book was published in 2003. Her first period came when she was 11.

The story of my first period is one I’ve told many times, mainly because it’s funny. It’s also slightly traumatic, but not in the way you’d expect. I should preface this by saying that my mother had given me the talk on this – I knew all about what a period was, why I would get it, and what to expect, but it was the last thing on my mind the summer I was eleven.

I was attending Girl Scout day camp that summer, and my days were filled with activities like arts & crafts, horseback riding, and swimming. I don’t remember exactly what day that week the signs first appeared, but I know it was a day when we were swimming because I was wearing my bathing suit all day. I still had it on when we got home, and my mother told me to go change out of it and take a shower.

When I stripped out of the suit, I noticed something staining the crotch. It was brown, and had dried, and there didn’t seem to be very much of it – I checked to make sure nothing had soaked through the layers of the suit to be visible from the outside. I was a little freaked out, because to my eleven year old mind, brown stuff in my underwear could only mean one thing. I didn’t remember having an “accident”, but really, what else could it be?

I was only eleven, and sufficiently embarrassed at the idea that I might have unknowingly pooped my pants that I just couldn’t bear the thought of telling anyone. So even though I knew my mom would help me, I rinsed out the suit in the shower so she wouldn’t see, and didn’t mention it.

I spent the rest of the week hiding my underwear every night, because the stains appeared every day. Sometimes there was only a little, sometimes a lot, but it was always there, and I was starting to really worry. I still didn’t tell anyone, hoping it would go away and I wouldn’t have to.

On the last day of camp all the girls got to camp overnight, just like the big girls did, and we were all so excited. We roasted marshmallows around the campfire and sang songs and told secrets, the way girls do, and I had a great time until it was time to crawl into my sleeping bag and go to sleep. In a tent with half a dozen other girls, I laid awake worrying I might have an “accident” in the middle of the night and somehow everyone would know. It was, frankly, a miserable night.

The next day when I got home, the stains were in my panties again, and I decided I had to tell my mother. Obviously there was something really wrong with me if I was having all these accidents and didn’t even know it was happening, and the thought that I might truly be sick was scary enough to overcome my embarrassment. I took my panties and went in search of my mother.

I tracked her down in her room, where She’s an amazing mom, and I hope someday I can do half as good a job as she did.she was putting fresh sheets on the bed. “Mom, I think I’m sick.”

She looked up at me as she tucked in the sheet. “Does your stomach hurt?”

I shook my head. “No, but look.” I held out my underwear. “There’s brown stuff in my panties. It’s been happening all week at camp. I think I must be pooping, but I can’t feel it happening.”

She frowned at the undies (which had an African safari scene on them, with elephants – I don’t know why that sticks in my mind). “I don’t think that’s what this is.”

My initial relief at being able to share the secret had faded; now my head was filled with all the things that could possibly be wrong with me, and panic made me a little shrill. “Well then, what is it?!”

She smiled at me. “I think you’re having your first period.”

Startled, I blinked at her. “Oh.”

She put her hand on my shoulder, her smile getting bigger and just a little misty. “How does that make you feel?”

“Relieved!” I blurted out. “I thought I was crapping my pants!”

I wrote at the beginning of this piece that I like telling this story because it’s funny, and it is. But I also like telling it because it reminds me what kind of mother I have. She knew that information is power, so she always told me the truth, and made sure I had all the information I needed to understand my body. If it ever embarrassed her or made her feel uncomfortable, she never let on, and I always knew I could ask her anything. I didn’t fully appreciate that when I was eleven, but now I realize how incredible she was. How incredible she still is.

Okay, I gotta go call my mom and tell her I love her.


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  • Komara

    Thank you for sharing ! I was 8 when I got mine and so my mom did not really think to have the period talk with me. What I find sad is there was no welcome to womanhood celebration, no excited anticipation on my part. The BIG event got me in a DRs office where she put a tampon in and I fainted and than years of disposable product use, fear of leaking or having the pad seen(I ended up not liking tampons), and CRAMPS. My period was not anything I was proud of or connected with on the amazing fact that it is a passageway to having children, our bodies capabilities to grow and nourish a child is something I am in awe of.
    Thank goodness I am off the monthly toxins and onto Lunapads! I did try and do more fan fare for my girls, interestingly enough 2 enjoyed this my 3rd warned me no ma I don’t want that. For them it was all kind of a natural experience they where prepared for and expecting. None of them got theirs as early as I did. Wishing girls of the future pride and love for their period and bodies.

  • Madeleine

    What a great topic! Thanks so much to the folks at Be Prepared Period and EcoCrazyMom for inviting us to be part of this special conversation.

    Like Margaret in “Are you there, God? It’s me, Margaret”, I couldn’t wait to start my period and was totally enraptured by the idea of becoming a “woman”. The big event was preceded, however, by 3 solid days of agonizing cramps (to the point where appendicitis was considered the likely suspect), followed up by being ridiculed by my brother and his friend.

    To call it a letdown is a bit of an understatement. That said, I still have fond memories of basically spending 3 days in my parents’ bed with my Mom rubbing my back and playing cards with me – I think that she even read to me.

    Looking back, I feel like there is a part of every girl that knows that becoming a menstruator is a profound and amazing change. And yet, as Karen points out, as a society we almost never celebrate it, choosing instead to cling to a culture of shame and secrecy. Starting Lunapads was a way for me to address this lack of consciousness and celebration, and also to heal and honour my own inner girl-child who was right all along. Blessings, everyone!

  • Tara – BePreparedPeriod.com

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful story in our 1st Period Story Blog Hop! It’s a great reminder how a young girl’s mind can go into overdrive. It’s important to have an ongoing conversation with your daughter so that many of her questions can get answered over time. Before the BIG day! Sounds like you were/are very lucky to have such a wonderful, caring mom. 

    • Guest

      can you please delete my comment my name is morgan and i’ll get in trouble if my mum finds out i shared my story please delete it am really worried if my mum does find out!!! 🙁

  • Great post and thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • katie

    I got my first period last night at dance. I didn’t even feel it happen which is the part I was most scared of. So when I got home I went to wipe and I thought I was dying. Lol but I told my mom and she went and bought me day and night pads, liners, and cookies. Haha. But yeah, if your scared of starting its ok I was terrified. But its not that bad. Its just ducky at school cuz I’m afraid ill leek.

    • alexaxoxbangbang

      I know well I don’t know because yesterday about an hour after I woke up I went to the bathroom and found a red stain. And a little brown too. But I don’t know if it’s my period or what my grandma says its coming and to put a pad on but did it start or is it coming plz plz plz help me. I’m only 11 about to be 12 in two months like my mom. HELP

  • Leah brun

    I had my first period like months ago and find tell my mother cause she
    Has a big mouth and I knew she would tell people so I dint tell and yesterday I had my 4th period but my mother doesnt know am only 11 and I need ur advice

    • Katja

      It’s okay honey, I’m 11 too and don’t worry 🙂 she won’t tell
      Maybe just sneak some pads if you’re that worried….

    • Andrea

      I think you should have a talk with your mom and tell her to not tell any of her friends or family members.you shield also get pads from the closest store you have around you. By the way I’m 11 to. I already got mine 2.

      • Andrea

        Know father family members.sorry

    • Lulu

      Just tell her not to tell anyone as its embarrassing

    • sarah

      tell her and tell her not to tell anyone! tell her it makes you uncomfortable!

  • The Alice of Red

    I was eleven too, I was at my prude dad’s house and I saw stains in my favorite pink panties, I thought I pooped my pants too XD
    I went to my moms and at school I felt sick and a little sting in my panties, when I went to the bathroom I found out and was like, “Oh crap.”
    So yeah, I hate my period.

  • mlln

    Im 12 I juat got my FIRST period while I was sleeping and my moms not home.

  • kittycatastrophe

    I was 13.When i got my first period i was using the bathroom. My mom had walked in to grab something( you know the usual crap) when there was brown in my under wear( i didnt pay attention to that because i always get infections making my discharge brown or dark yellow) but there was red in it this time so i said ” mom what is that” she says idk. I wipe and therw is more blood. She just says all casual. ” oh you got your period” so i start crying because everyone tells me your period is the worst thing ever. She says suck it up. Throws a pad. At me and leaves.. thanks mom. Lol

  • Morgan p

    My first period was over the easter holidays! i was staying at my grans house on my laptop and then i needed the toilet so when i was finished doing a pee i wiped and then i saw wee bits of blood then i thought maybe my bum if bleeding so i wiped again and again then i thought don’t tell me i just started my period then i looked at the blood closely then i new i started so i ran in my grans room got a liner and put it on my undies before it came then i waited for my grans pals to leave coz i was too scared to say it to my gran in front of them i k ow they were girls but i was still scared so when they were away i wasn’t embarrassed so i said gran i went to the toilet and saw blood when i wiped myself and i started my period then i burst out crying then my gran said i told you wouldn’t like it when it came and i told my mum as well about it that i started! my second period was when i was at school and it was a heavy period i was in science class and it felt like i was peeing myself then the same in art till i got home pulled down my undies then big patch of brown blood so changed into clean pair of pants then put a pad on my 2nd period lasted for about 7 days and i’m 14 and also i started my 1st period at 14 and now i’m on my 3rd period that is soooooooo frustrating!

  • Maya Mcdoll

    I started mine literally minutes ago. I’m a freshman in highschool. And it happened right as I got home from school. (I ride the bus) and I noticed a bunch of brown icky stuff. Now that I think of it..I did have white icky stuff for a few months. Anyways I thought I pooped and then I smelled it( from a distance) and it smelled like nothing. So I looked it up online and found out it was my period. I told my mom and she told me all about it. And now I’m online sharing my story.

    • freya

      how old are you???
      I am 13 and I still haven’t go mine yet

      • Zoe

        Don’t worry it will come soon anytime really all girls are different btw im 11 and started mine in school so embarrassing haha

      • Ali

        im 13 and just started mine. my mom told me that in her generation everyone got their period around ages 12-16. Nowadays, everyone seems to get it anywhere between 8-16. You never know.

      • Esmeralda

        I think i got mine i need help so i have blood and brown discharge but i told my sister i got my period but i guess she told it as a joke and said no you didnt and stuck up the middle finger at me idk wat to do i haven’t mentioned it to my mom because im scared please help mee

        • Bella

          Your sister can’t really help you in all aspects of your period tell her you were being serious and if she believes you ask her if she can help you tell your mom if she doesn’t believe you then you have to tell your mom yourself she will give you some pads and you will be fine I promise!

      • Marie B.

        dont worry im 14 and just got it. I was freaked out bc my friends had it except me but you just have to wait and enjoy the time you have period free. Also if it helps keep a little emergency kits with a pad or tow and bring it everywhere just incase.

        • Linda

          I’ve noticed some brown stuff in my underwear and I wanna go swimming today but I’m kinda scared because I didn’t tell my mom is that my period? And is it safe to go swimming in a public pool I’m worried please help.

          • Alysha Seriani

            Hi Linda,

            You can check out this article which has a lot of useful information: https://www.rookiemag.com/2013/04/what-i-wish-i-knew-about-my-period/.

            I’m not a doctor, but I’ve been menstruating for over 10 years and I’ll say that I do go swimming in public pools when I use the Diva Cup (or, when I used to use tampons). A disposable or cloth pad won’t work in a swimming pool because the water will absorb into the pad. But you can still enjoy the sunshine!

            You might have your first period, and that’s great and totally normal! If you feel worried, you can also talk to a trusted parent or mentor, or call your local nurse hotline.

          • Bella

            If you aren’t bleeding a lot the water pressure should keep everything inside into you get out but it sounds like you don’t have to worry I’ve only had mine for a year but I’ve learned a lot so far (I’m 13)

  • Leah

    I was 12 when I got my first period. I was in school and I had pains that I thought was a stomach ache. Luckily my friend took me down to medical and the people told me to go to the toilet and I was so unprepared and I noticed a red stain on my underwear. When I told mum I said “Mum guess what” and mum said “you got your period” she finished off my sentence lol.
    I was going to McDonalds that day anyway and she said “you have” so she taught me how to put a pad on. Apparently mum started in the same month and week and age as me. (Wednesday November,19th 2011) .

  • Lulu

    I had brown stuff in my knickers and i thought it was fine so my mom told me to put a pad on i woke up in the morning and nothing was there so i left the pad on just incas half an hour to a hour i went to the toilet and the brown stuff was there again and my mom said its the start of my period and i shouted “NO”

  • Khris

    I need helpppppp!!!! I hear all my friends are getting there periods and I may get mine soon. Well you know how kids figure out things when they shouldn’t, that’s how I know what a period is. My mom never had the”talk”
    So when it happens what should I do when I tell my mother?!?!


    I got my first period I got a school in 3rd grade and I had to call my granddad to come get me because he was the only one that could so he came to get me and sadly I had all white on and had to go to go to the barber shop were all that came in there were old men and I had to site there tell 10:00PM that night to go home and get what I needed and change.
    So just hope that is not your expereance

    Good luck

  • Kerry

    Guys I need advice just had my period and I’m literally starting yr 6!!! Too scared to tell mom!

    • LunapadsCS

      Hi Kerry! I understand your nervousness – this is a big deal. I’m not sure why you would be scared to tell your mom – she went through exactly this thing at your age, too; and should understand. But if it’s really not a comfy topic for you, you should think about talking with another adult in your life that you trust. A teacher, the school nurse, an auntie, or a friend’s parent. They can either help you have the conversation with your mom, or just give you some advice on how to handle it on your own. Grade 6 isn’t unheard of for starting your period so don’t feel too strange about it – it’s a big change in your life but it’s worth marking as an exciting one. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have more questions (I’m on LiveChat right now!)


  • Lily A.

    I haven’t gotten my period yet. I’m 12. I feel like I won’t be able to tell her. I am even embaressed to ask her for a bikini (I don’t and have never owned one, and I really want one.) when i asked her if I could wash my face in the morning too, she acted all weird and started asking a bunch of questions like ‘why?’ And stuff like that. Please help.

  • alece

    Omg this is happing to me but my stomach hurts though idk if my stomach hurting is just from all the halloween candy and I’m so embaressed and idk how to tell my mom.ik I am because when I wiped there was blood..pls help me on how. To tell my mom…

  • Sophie

    Yeah, I was really scared to get mine, and then one day I did. I was so frightened to tell my mom because I was so embarrassed, but I finally just blurted it out and said “I think I got my period, Mom…” and it was okay. Its important not to overthink it or stess yourself out over it. Every woman has gone through it, and we all understand.

  • gillian

    My first period was at a baseball game and i was watching the diamond backs
    Ya it was so bad where i had to actually put toilet paper in my underwear.

  • Angela

    Im 12 I literally had my period yesterday. It was right before school in my house i was about to leave thank god i used the bathroom before. I called my mom and told her. I was literally sobbing and when i got up i was about to faint i really dont like periods. I havent really had any pain though so thats good. So yeah

  • emily

    I don’t really remember my first period but i remember my 2nd on though. What happened was i was at sleepover and what sucked was that my friend had a brother and he invited his friend over and we had 2 guys sleeping in the same room as me

  • Carla

    I was at my friends earlier and I went to the loo for a number 1 and I wiped and brown goo was there. I haven’t had it again all day. Is this my period?

    • Rio

      It could be:) what happened???was it ??

  • Emma Pebbles

    When I first had my period I was 11. When it was my first time I thought I’ll put toilet paper under me. Never do that. I learn that toilet paper doesn’t make the cut. Later that night I was in the bathroom and I cleaned it with cold water and I thought I would come out it did some but I didnt make the cut. So, I dont like tell my mom face to face, so I felt her my underwear that had blood on it in the bathroom. I cried when she came up to me. My mom brought me some pads and it was good. I found out that if you wet the stain with water then put soap then rub. IT MAKES THE CUT. Now I’m older and really geting the hag of this.

  • Justine

    I had my first ones when I was 11. I find the story funny, but in a rather good way. It was 2 days before christmas, and I had just woken up. Like I always do, te first thing I did was going to the bathroom. When I sat on the toilet seat, I noticed something wet in my pants. I was wearing black panties so I didn’t see the red color…Of course the curious kid I was, (Of course I washed my hands with soap after this…) I poked it and looked at my finger. It had blood on it. So, I just pokerfaced and yelled “Mom I need a pad!” And she gave me one. So yeah I wasn’t frighrened at all because I knew everyrhing about periods already.

  • savannah

    Ok so i wanna know how to ask my mom what Ge she got hers bc im scared Nd embarrassed to. But please help bc i have ALL the signs but i have cramps too so PLEASE HELP!!!

    • savannah


  • Isabelle

    I started my period not to long ago actually, it was January, 1, the first day of 2015! We went to my cousins house and I had cramps all day, when we returned home I went to the restroom to find my underwear with blood stains!!! I sat on the toilet and stared in disbelief , until my mother came in and started making a big deal out of this, she then said, “Oh, you started your period!!! I told you! Uh, now take a shower and I’ll find you a… pad!!!” As I was in the shower I watched all the blood flow down the drain. I smiled at the thouht of being a women now. The rest of the night I ate vanilla ice cream with pretzels (I got really bad cravings) and watched a bunch of chick flicks with my mom and sister. That was the best night of my life! 🙂

    • Isabelle

      Btw, I’m 11, so anyone who is my age with their period, I know what it feels like! You CAN get throun this!!!!

  • Emily

    I got my first period on Labor Day weekend right before starting 5th Grade. I had just turned 10 in July and I can’t recall having had talks about periods before it happened. I distinctly remember waking up one morning and going to the bathroom and thinking all the blood meant I was dying. I found my mom and showed her and didn’t believe her when she told me it was my period. I was SURE I was dying.

    For some reason we had these super old pads in the house and I had to use them until we could get better ones and I remember sitting around my 5th Grade teacher on the first day of school wearing one of those horrible pads. I was terrified of the other kids finding out and of course some months I started my period while I was in school and had to get one of those awful maxi pads from the nurse that were like three inches thick and felt like a diaper! But now I can laugh about it and have a good story for future nieces and daughters.

    My flow was incredibly heavy for the first few years and then in high school I started having excruciating cramps where I couldn’t even stand up. Birth control pills have saved my life in that aspect and now I don’t have to worry about my period very much! But I’m really excited to try LunaPads and a Diva Cup for when I do have my period.

  • indiana armstrong

    hi im turning 14 in a few weeks few a days ago i could see brown stuff and then yesterday i was bleeding everywhere and now its light and i havent told my mum yet

  • Evb

    Ok so I kinda saw mine comeing… I was in swimming class and it happened. I went out to the pool where everyone was at, and told the swimming teacher. I didn’t want to look weird, so I had to put in my first tampon in the bathroom near the pool. I was the last one out and my eyes were red. Lol I told everyone that I just forgot my towel. I told my mom the week after

  • Sasha

    So I had brown discharge for a while and I was scared af that my period would be right around the corner. But it wasn’t, till a month or so there was more discharge, and then I wipe and there’s blood.. I was panicing in my head saying “OMG this can’t be really, this is just some more discharge just a little red…”. So I decided to keep it hiden from my mom. I search up in Google, how to tell my mom I just had my period and all that stuff on periods, and I just get more and more sad. It’s now been 4 days since I had my period and I still hadn’t told my mom till the 4th day when she comes out and says that we are having a surprise vacation and I was just like “OH NO” in my head. So we start to pack and I sneak in one of her pads and I took it and put it in my underwear.. I took a quick shower cause I heard that kinda stops ur period(FYI it actually does) so my period on the road was basically really light for the 9 hour drive. But as soon as we get to the hotel it starts again and it’s really heavy! It seeps threw my underwear and is starting to get on my pants and I just start balling in the bathroom. I finally come out and I start to follow my mom everywhere till she started to unpack her pads. And then in my head I kept saying “THIS IS UR CHANCE” so I finally stop her in the most whinny voice (because I was so embarrassed and I was on the edge of crying) I start to say “Mom *points to the pads*. My mom was really supported and hugged me and said here go in the bathroom and change. Then the next day she ask if I had a heavy or light flow, and then we got pads.. I’m so glad I told her tho.. (I was 12… ) I didn’t want to tell my mom about my period because when my sister hers my mom told everyone so that’s why I was so nervous but when I suddenly told her she was really supportive!

  • lili

    I have had wite stuff on my panties, and then it turned into brown. I was freaked out! I told my mom… she said it was my first period. I am eleven too!!!

  • thara R

    I have the same story as Hannah Murray other than I am 13 and still I haven’t told my mom abt it but I’m planning to now like right now

  • thara R

    Guys I did it I told my mom I actually planned to tell her for 3 day and I told it

    TIP/IDEA:this is how I told it I have something brown-reddish stuff in my undie do u know wat it is

  • Sovarani3343

    So i have a question. I am 12 years old and have has Discharge for about 3-4 years now. i need to shave my arm pits but have a flat chest. both my BFFS have there periods and one had Discharge for only 2 months, the other for 7. I just really don’t know whats up. i was told that Discharge is the main sign but i have had i for 3-4 years and still don’t have my period! please help! i really want to have it like my friends, i feel left behind and weird!

    • Bella

      Be happy with yourself the way you are I was so excited to get mine but now it’s a pain in the butt if your friends ever make fun of you then they aren’t your friends and you need to tell your mom once you get it you’ll be mad at yourself for spending all this time worrying instead of having fun

  • Cam

    Hey. I’m just ending my first period at 12 years old, and I told my mom right away when I found out. I could tell right away, and I know what you mean. My mom tells her lady friends quite a lot of ‘personal’ things. Just ask her to be quiet about this and she most likely will, since she’s gone through this kind of thing before and will know how you feel.

  • Jiya

    I am 11 and got my first period on last day of the year 2015. That time I even don’t what are periods and pads. My mother hide her pads from me. When I got the red thing on my pants I showed to my mum. I cried too that day and it last till 10 days. but my second period is 12 days late it just came now that is the reason for the thing i wrote here. when i went and searched for a pad i t was not there. I am alone with my brother so I am having a paper in my pants………… please give comments.

    • Bella

      Your mother SHOULD NOT be hiding pads and period products from you that is terrible you need to sit her down and have a serious conversation with her the situation you were in is not okay if she doesn’t listen talk to anther trusted adult!

  • Cupcakes

    I had mine at school I was sitting on a stool in class stood up there was blood on the stool but luckily i had on red pants

  • Emma

    I had my first period a week ago and I was lucky not to get cramps YET!! I am 13 and it came by surprise. I already knew what to do because of google and my mum had talked to me a little bit about it.
    Anyway I was really scared and I can really relate to this story. I was going to the toilet and there was some brown stuff and I just thought it was discharge as I had been getting that alot lately. So I just ignored it and changed pants. I went to sleep and woke up, There was more brown stuff but not as much. I just thought it was more discharge or I had had a little accident because I had never known that a period could be brown but I knew it could be off-colour.
    I decided to be safe than sorry and put a little pad on as I had P.E that day and didn’t want anyone to see if it happened again.and it DID.
    this time it was more heavy and I was alot more scared. I thought there was something wrong with me. I googled it and it said it could be a period after being pregnant and this was clearly not true. So i assumed it was still discharge. I decided to hide my pants and picked it up out of my laundry, I noticed it had a slight red patch and I completely freaked out! I knew it was my period and There was a new problem
    Teelling my mum,
    she had always been open but I found it a little awkward. I decided to come out with it because It needed resolving. I went around it casually and she was really supportive. I then had to tell my 2 best friends who had already started. I decided to just moan about i feel ill alot and hope they mention it as a symptom. This was a relief because they liked to talk about this stuff alot. They brought it up and I was like
    “this is it i have to tell them…..
    Yh it is that?” i was terrified what they were going to say. They were like OMG you are a WOMAN NOW. and we laughed about it alot.

    I now just hope it goes away in a couple days so I can go to a swimming party! or else I have to use a Tampon. eeeekkk Little scary.
    Hope this helped anyone who has it but isnt telling anyone! xxxx

  • Keisha !

    Well right now I’m 13 and my mom’ and sisters started there period at 11 but my grandma recently just bought me pads, New undies and bras anyways so I been had Discharge white and yellow and yesterday I looked in my undies and it had little red drops like tiny so I looked it up and it said your so close to your period you should start wearing a pad so then today me and my family were going out to breakfast and I put on a pad and when I got home is was this DARK BROWN Poop looking sticky stuff so I touched it it didn’t have a smell so then I put on another pad , Remember I have NOT started my period and the same thing happened , and I weigh a lot like imma big girl I weigh 160 something ! but does that have anything to do with my period? And I haven’t talked to my mom about it or my grandma and I don’t live with my mom I live with my dad but I stay with my grandma like all the time but that’s good because she talks to me almost every 2 weeks about my period ! Please help !!

    • Bella

      It’s because you are literally about to get it you should keep wearing pads but if it stays brown for much longer think about talking to your doctor you don’t need an obgyn just your pediatrician will be fine

  • Anya dugas

    How come my frist period was brown discharge and only for 2 days???? Help me is there something wrong with me????