Did you notice a change when you switched?

Lunapads fans, I’d like to ask you a question! How long did you use disposables before making the switch to cloth? Did you notice a change in the way you felt during your period when you stopped using disposable pads or tampons?

My cramps have practically disappeared since I started using Lunapads. Weird, but totally cool and definitely welcome.  I can’t say for certain what caused this change, but I am loving it. Has anyone else experienced changes like this? Is anyone aware of any scientific studies about the chemicals in disposable menstrual products and their effect on cramps, bloating, and other PMS symptoms?

I discovered Lunapads after decades of disposable use and noticed a change within a few months. Some parts of my new, more comfortable life with my cycle are hard to describe, but others are not quite so complex. Less cramping! Totally comfortable during my period! No rashes or chafing! No more yeast infections! And yes, my monthly crabbyness is significantly reduced. My period is also lighter and brighter (most days). That said, I am of an age where lighter periods is pretty normal (hello, menopause!)

Talk amongst us around the office confirms that there where significant changes for all of us when we switched. There’s an abundance of reviews and testimonials on our website confirming that we’re not the only ones who have experienced a very different sort of period after ditching the disposables. My daughters seems to have experienced a change too, and  I noticed the difference when one went back to using disposable pads for a cycle. I suspect that what many of us are experiencing is due to using products that are healthier for our bodies — but is there more to it than just that?

What do you think? What has your experience been like?

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  • Sarah Wright

    HI I used disposibles for 15 years, with one brief period of using sea sponge tampons to no avail. I have never been able to use tampons without them making me sick, I always had more cramps, nausea, and generally felt like I had to flu any time I had a tampon in for more than an hour. I have used disposable pads for years and bled so heavy that the super-overnight-unfolds 4 times-pads didn’t keep me from leaking on my underwear. I basically started using trifold cloth diapers about 6 months ago, but would still have to use disposables when I left because of the bulkiness. For the last 3 months I have been using Luna panties, with inserts and haven’t leaked out of my underwear once.
    This is a serious surprise for me! I would bleed so heavy at least one night every month that I would wake up and it would be pooling on the bed, or I would stand up and it would run down my legs. (Thank God we don’t have carpet.) But now, not a single leak. Not even after 8 hours with the same insert!!!

  • Definitely more comfortable, less sweatiness…and without really having any way to prove it, the crampiness could be less too.

  • Jan

    It continually disappoints me that my periods did not go from awful to immensly likable just by donning my Lunapads. The butt rash from plasticized disposable pads were the only change. Anybody wanna second this?

    •  I’m not sure if you’re being facetious about the first sentence or not, but I wouldn’t say I noticed a big change either. Regular pads never bothered me, but I didn’t like making so much trash and feeling diapered. So in that sense, my period’s better because I never run out of pads and I’m not throwing any trash away. I still use the occasional tampon but they always grossed me out more than anything else – I just have the heebie jeebies about putting anything not made of human flesh up there. After seeing the other post on moldy tampons though, I don’t think I’ll even use them occasionally.

  • husker_gal

    I have not started using lunapads YET because I am waiting for my order to arrive…but I did make the switch to the divacup about four months ago after 11 years of disposables and the changes are more and more noticeable. My cramps have almost completely disappeared. I don’t get nearly as bitchy and the best change? MY SEX DRIVE IS BACK! I went through two years of almost no sex drive at all and after the first month using the divacup I noticed a slight increase in it by the fourth month I felt like I was in college again! Swinging from the rafters and attacking my husband all the time. Which I’m sure he doesn’t mind 😉

    I am so excited to get my lunapads pantyliners so I can officially be done with all things disposable. I have even been talking to one of my best girlfriends (who is allergic to disposables but uses them because she didn’t realize there was any other option) and she is now looking into lunapads for her needs and the future needs of her 10 year old. 🙂 I hope I can help her make the switch!

  • Aparent

    I wouldn’t say there was a HUGE change, but I did notice I had fewer clots which in turn created an over all more pleasent cycle. I started to think positivly about my period, which I think the psychological impact could have made a physiological impact. The brain does have a big influence like that. I felt empowered by my cycle, I’m actually looking forward to getting this stupid Mirena IUD out, and giving my body a break from hormones, and in turn using my “mama cloth” again!

  • zip

  • OfTroy

    I don’t know if my period lightened any, but it definitely felt better. No more ew factor. no more butt rash, no more sweating, a lot less clotting. And somehow my menstrual flow no longer feels like waste (something disgusting and bad to be washed away and hidden). It is a part of me and a part of being human. That alone is enough of a positive change! 

  • Anon

    I agree that the trifold cloth inserts are brilliant, I haven’t had a single overnight leak since I started using them, even on the heaviest nights. Also, their high level of absorbancy means that there’s less ‘mess’ to deal with in the morning (no gone-cold wetness next to your body).

    I used to use sea sponge tampons all the time, and they were really good as my period isn’t very heavy – there’s a big difference between inserting a cold hard lump of cotton and a soft warm sponge. A change of work-place (no more toilet cubicles with sinks inside them) meant having to go back to cotton tampons during the day (pure organic cotton without an applicator only), and some days, when my period is light, I can somehow *feel* the cotton tampon, and it’s rather unpleasant and I can’t wait to get home so I can swap it for a sea sponge.

    I use cloth pads for back-up, and at the tail ends of my period, as well as the trifolds overnight. The big secret is that they are so much more comfortable! Cleaning them is no more difficult than cleaning your underwear, so that isn’t really a big deal.

    I appreciate that for women with very heavy periods, cloth might not be suitable, I would not wear the trifolds during the day! No woman needs to martyr herself over this, everyone can mix and match to find what suits her best. I would never tell a woman she *must* do anything. I would say, though, if you’re going to use cotton tampons, you *should* use pure organic cotton, the high-absorbancy synthetic fibers used in mainstream brands are potentially harmful. The organic cotton brand I buy isn’t any more expensive than mainstream brands, although getting hold of them, if you don’t live near a healthfood store, and can’t use the internet for shopping, might be a problem, but then so is getting hold of cloth pads … *sigh* there are probably deprived parts of the ‘developed’ world as much in need of Pads4Girls kits as in the ‘developing’ world.

  • Amber

    Cramps certainly left pretty much straight away but I use a diva cup and lunapads for backup or light days.

  • Kat Leigh

    I can’t wait to get mine.. really hoping they arrive before Aunt Flo does! I hope I get the effect of less cramps.. I get them so bad I have been in fetal position in tears before.

  • Archaeology cat

    I switched to cloth after my third. I figured I was already using cloth diapers, so why not pads? There were a couple of days when I did use disposable, and the bleeding was heavier those days. Went back to cloth, and it went lighter again. I’ve only had one period since then, and it was pretty light, but I’d also had a short luteal phase, so that could explain it. Regardless, I’m happy using cloth.

  • Krystal

    Amazing!!! I got my first period at age 13 now 10 years later I am on my first period with cloth pads. I wish i would have know about them before.I missed a fair share of school because I was on the couch flat or in child pose crying in pain. My first day is always like Niagara falls and this time I have slight cramps but nothing to complain about but amazed I have not have had to take one pain killer ( I usually have to take 2-4/day while on my flow). My mood is good and only needing to change my pad a couple times a day is huge. On disposables have to change my soaked pad every 1-2 hours on my first day. Thank you luna-pads! Hopefully this continues as a little bit of work to wash my pads is totally worth easy periods.

  • Luana Mercy

    I love cloth. The first month on cloth I had no cramps. Used to get backache in addition to some other cramps. After about a year of cloth some of my cramps are starting to come back. Not as bad as before definitely but more than I had in the beginning of cloth use. I am wondering if it’s due to the cloth pads being washed so many times in detergent, maybe they’ve absorbed some chemicals from that. I definitely think it’s the chemicals that make the cramping happen. I’m planning to change to a Norwex detergent and see if that helps me get back to no cramps. Like other have said, lack of chafing and rashes it a big deal and also just feeling more connected to your period and viewing it was part of your womanhood instead of something to throw in the garbage.

  • KB

    This is my first cycle using cloth. I’ve had a significant amount of less cramping & my flow is so much lighter then it used to be. I’m honestly just pleasantly shocked. I didn’t expect all of the benefits, but I certainly do welcome them! I’m falling in love with cloth!

  • Ana

    I switched 2 months ago and I’ll never go back to disposables. My cramps are basically gone and I feel much better.

    Before I switched to the cup I went through a pack of tampons a day. I couldn’t go more than 15 minutes before having to change my tampon. Forget pads. They stunk and gave me blisters and rashes. I felt terrible and my cramps were a nightmare. My cramps were so bad that I was hospitalized several times.

    2 months ago I switched. Month 1 I had cramps but not really bad ones. They were still bad but tolerable. My flow was lighter too I think. Not sure on that one though. It didn’t seem as bad.

    Month 2 (currently) and day 2, I noticed no cramps. Even yesterday, day 1, my cramps were barely noticeable. It really was no big deal. My period was heavy but I went 15 hours before changing my cup. That is way better than 10-15 minutes with a tampon. When I changed my cup it was full but I could have gone a few more hours without having to empty it!

    The best part about the cup is being able to swim and not having to worry about changing it. You don’t have to worry about leaking or about a string. You put it in and forget about it. Annoying periods and messy periods are a thing of the past now.