May is DivaCup Month at Lunapads

Art by Jen Vaughn: comic artist extraordinaire

It’s been a bit of a tradition for us to celebrate all things DivaCup in the month of May at Lunapads. Spring is in full swing and the mind tends to wander to daydreams of summer; camping, playing in the woods, swimming at the ol’ swimmin’ hole, outdoor festivals and concerts, vacation time! As many Luna-folks already know, the DivaCup is your BFF when it comes to having your period while experiencing the great outdoors and many other summer activities. For the uninitiated, here’s the scoop on the cup:

The DivaCup is a soft silicone menstrual cup that you insert internally.  Instead of absorbing your flow like a tampon, the DivaCup simply collects it, so that you can empty it out when it gets full. It can be worn for up to 12 hours at a time and even those with heavy flow will typically only have to empty it a few times a day. Since the cup is worn internally you can hang out on the beach, play sports, go hiking, ride bikes, go swimming, all without having to worry about a sweaty, bulky, plastic-y pad between your legs, or dangling tampon strings soaking up the pool water. You can’t feel the cup when it’s inserted properly and it’s a cinch to clean and look after; just wash it once a day with a mild, fragrance-free soap and boil it at the end of your cycle, or before you use it for your next cycle.

It’s particularly great if your going in a trip and don’t have a lot of luggage space. You only need 1 thing, and your wearing it already! There’s nothing to carry around with you, or run out of, or get stuck in a foreign land without. You’re all set, baby! Nothing can hold you back!

For some, the price tag on the DivaCup can be a little daunting. $39.99 sounds like a lot when you are used to grabbing a box of tampons for $8 at the drugstore, but think about this; The DivaCup can be safely reused for at least a year and for many more with proper care. After a few cycles it pays for itself and trust me, the benefits FAR outweigh the cost. Ever had to yank out a tampon that wasn’t quite saturated yet? OUCH! That dry-scratchy feeling you get at the end of your period when your tampons have soaked up every last drop of your natural moisture? UGH! The thought of thousands of your used tampons sitting in a landfill, applicators washing up on a beach somewhere in Thailand? EWW! Also, this (need I say more?)

If the price is what’s got you down, listen up: for the duration of DivaCup month we’re putting The DivaCup and all DivaCup Kits on sale for 20% off! Deluxe DivaCup Kits are totally fab ’cause you get everything you could possibly need to easily make the transition to the cup and do with style, grace and uterus-power! You get Lunapads Pantyliners to use as back up while your still getting the hang of things! You get handy wipes to clean up with when you empty the cup in a public bathroom stall! You get a squeezey bottle to rinse the cup out with! AND you get a carrying case to put it all in! WHAMMY!

Happy DivaCup Month everyone!


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  • uterus power! i dont have facebook though because people from school bully me

  • is there an alternative way i can enter without a facebook? i have twitter and email

  • awww i love that pic so colorful and pretty

  • Jeanne

    the facebook link went to a blank facebook page for me. I’m already a diva cup user. i also use cloth pads and cloth panty liners. tampons don’t just absorb menstrual fluid but your natural vaginal moisture as well, giving you that dry vaginal feeling. happy shopping everyone!

  • Hi Jeanne,
    Not sure why the link opened a blank page for you. Maybe it’s your browser settings?