Meet “honorary” Lunagal Warren

Suzanne and my first encounter with Warren TeBrugge was a memorable one indeed: we had just presented a Case Study at SVI Hollyhock 2010 in front on 140 of our peers. SVI case studies are infamously known as The Hot Seat, where you basically “open the kimono” (from a business perspective!) and everyone peppers you with smart questions and then gives you feedback. It’s stressful, exhilarating and definitely not for the faint of heart.

So we were pretty amazed to hear the first voice come forward to tell us that our presentation had made the speaker, a man, wish that he was a woman. This man was Warren, and it turned out that his comment was also drawing on a lifetime of commitment to gender equality and international community development. Warren has since visited us numerous times in Vancouver in between trips to his native South Africa, and his charitable foundation My Arms Wide Open is a Pads4Girls partner (you can donate here!) I can think of no better way to get to know the depth of his heart than by watching this video and hearing this incredibly moving account of helping to support boys’ learning around their female schoolmates needs.

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  • Dannika9

    While I’ve been aware of Lunapads for awhile, I was not unhappy with my disposables and had not yet been inspired to “taken the plunge”. Your support of charitable organizations like this one (especially this one in my native South Africa <3 ) was the deciding factor in my choice to switch to reusables. I'm awaiting my first order now.

    This gentleman is an inspiration and I look forward to becoming a donor to his fantastic cause!