One for you = One4Her

I am over the moon (ha!) to announce One4Her, a joint Lunapads/AFRIpads project. Many of you will already be familiar with BOGO (buy one, give one) programs popularized by TOMS shoes, where a consumer purchase triggers the donation of a comparable item in the developing world. One4Her takes the model a step further by not only supplying girls in need with pads, but also by supporting local employment for women.

Here’s the deal: for every eligible Lunapads One4Her purchase (see list below), Lunapads will finance a Uganda-made AFRIpad that will be given to a girl in need in East Africa.

The idea for One4Her came out of our trip to Uganda in January of this year. For Suzanne and I, meeting Paul and Sonia and their team felt like a pilgrimage as well as a crazy-good business therapy session for all of us. Spending time together solidified our mutual commitment to working more closely on our shared objective: getting more pads into the hands of girls! Given that Lunapads was struggling to meet the demand for (made in Vancouver) Pads4Girls Kits, One4Her “feeds two birds with one seed” (my sunnier version of  ‘killing two birds with one stone’!) in that it provides a far more efficient (financially as well as environmentally) means to deliver more pads to girls while also creating local employment for the women who make the pads (an oft-referenced shortcoming of the Tom’s model.)

Plus, it gives our customers the added benefit of being direct participants in the Pads4Girls story (along with the other regular benefits of joining the LunaRevolution like financial savings, reduced waste, superior comfort, feeling better about your body, finding your tribe … you get the idea! 😉

Already a well-stocked Lunapads customer who wants to help? Tell your friends and help us spread the word about the work that we are doing to support education for girls and employment for women. Many thanks to everyone who has helped us to make this idea a reality, and watch this space for more stories about pad distributions like this one!

Some One4Her FAQs:

Which products trigger a One4Her donation?
Pad & Liner Sets (including 3 Packs), Pantyliners, DivaCup Kits, and Lunapads Kits.

Which products are excluded from the program?
Lunapanties, Liner Insert Sets, Pantyliner Samples, and Extras are not included at this time.

Does One4Her include the DivaCup?
No and yes. Individual DivaCups are not part of One4Her, however DivaCup Kits (which include Lunapads Pantyliners) are.

What about Lunapanties?
Not at the moment, but there may be news on that front in the future.

If I buy a Lunapads Kit, will an AFRIpad be donated for each Lunapad in the Kit?

Who will administer the pad donations?
Pad donations will be managed by AFRIpads and distributed according to regions and schools where they assess the greatest need.

Where are the One4Her program pads made?
One4Her program pads are AFRIpads, made in Kitengesa Village, Uganda.

Don’t girls need more than one AFRIpad to get through their entire cycle?
Yes. AFRIpads will accumulate our donations to include enough units (pads) to create a full Pad Kit for a girl.

Thank you for supporting Lunapads and helping to make our goal of empowering girls and women a reality!

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