Krys’ Period Makeover

Name: Krys

Age: 25

How did you hear about reusable menstrual products?
A forum I post on was talking about them.

Please describe your monthly needs.
2 Days heavy flow, 3 days of switching between a regular flow and spotting, 2 days of spotting.

If you are currently using disposable products, which ones do you use, and for what needs?
Tampons and pads, switching between the two: Super, super infinity, overnight, regulars, lights, you name it!

Why do you want to switch to reusable menstrual products?
I’m in the military and when you’re deployed and around men constantly, Everyone knows when you’re ‘on’ because you have to shop in the same small shops they do! I need something that is more discreet, comfortable (disp chafe bad!), & tough enough to withstand rigorous training sessions, irregular latrine breaks, and sweat without falling a part.

Anything else you’d like to share about yourself?
I’m a full time student and active in the US Army.

Based on your own experience, what message do you have for other women who might be thinking about reusable menstrual products?
Nothing beats being as comfortable as possible.

We think it’s totally awesome that Krys is considering making the switch to reusable menstrual products and her responses to our survey really made us aware of how challenging being a woman in the service would be at that time of the month! She’s absolutely right that reusables are going to be much more discrete than having to stand in the check-out line with packages of disposables, surrounded by guys; not to mention the fact that no matter where her service might take her, she’ll always be able to count on having her menstrual supplies available, day or night!

Because Krys leads such an active life full of physical challenges, and because of her flow being on average heavy to regular, with some spotting at the end, we’d encourage her to purchase the Diva Cup Kit with Pantyliners (her size and fabrics  of choice). The Diva Cup is an excellent option for folks who are physically active and whose days are long and busy because you only need to empty and clean it once every 12 hours. And unlike tampons, because it’s made of medical grade silicone, Krys doesn’t have to worry about the Diva Cup drying out or chafing, leaving her uncomfortable at inconvenient times. The pantyliners will be great to use as back-up with the Diva Cup, and also on those tail-end days when Krys is only spotting a bit here and there. Krys, you’ll be happy to know that our 100% cotton pantyliners will *not* disintegrate no matter how hard you put them through their paces!

To be fully mobile, Krys, we also recommend that you get a peri bottle (excellent for bringing along potable water) and a pack of our magical, biodegradable  and flushable Wysi Wipes to help you keep you and your Diva Cup clean and fresh everywhere you go, no matter what you’re doing or who you’re doing it with!  Of course you’re going to want a fun and funky carry bag to keep all your handy supplies with you, and for that we think the Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bag is perfectly suited to your purposes.

And while this is mostly about making over your period, the fact that you are frequently on the go with questionable access to bathroom facilities, I also wanted to point out that we carry the very cool pStyle; our “Stand to Pee” product that’s sure to make your life in the military a little easier.

All the best to you on your travels, Krys, and thanks for making the switch to reusable menstrual products! Be sure to share your success stories with your peers and together maybe we can green the entire military!

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