Sharing Lunapads with Teens

Today I was lucky enough to get to introduce Lunapads to a new menstruator! The daughter of a good friend of mine got her first period. She already had a Lunapads’ Mini Pad on hand but it wasn’t enough. I decided it would be really fun to put together a gift for her and deliver it so I could answer any questions she and her mom may have. We ended up having some really good “girl talk” about periods. It was an intimate experience and will hopefully be a good memory for her and help start her off on a healthy path for periods to come.

I brought her a Long Pad, Maxi Pad and 4 extra Liner Inserts, as well as a Teeny and Mini Pantyliner so she could see what works best for her. Having a place to stash extra/used Lunapads while at school is essential for green teens who use Lunapads, so I sent along a Moon Pad Bag and a Carry Pouch, too – all wrapped up in a small mesh bag for easy laundering!

She already had the Lunapads Teen Booklet which, according to her mom, she had read many times. If you know anyone coming of age, get them a Teen Booklet to read on their own and allow them time to let it all sink in well before the big day arrives. This smart gal came upon the decision that she wanted to use Lunapads all on her own and as she told me, she HAD to use one of those disposables and it was “UCKY”

Similar to what I experienced when introducing my youngest to Lunapads before she even tried a disposable, it made a huge difference in what she considered to be “Eww!” Educating girls and teens about Lunapads and The DivaCup pre-period is a passion of mine and this type of reaction is why it is so important to me. The time is now to alter our perceptions of periods and what we use to take care of them. Empowering young folks to feel concerned about themselves and the earth early on can only help to make big changes happen down the road!

Knowing that being an adolescent can be a topsy-turvy time, I also gave her a Uterus Plushy as a special gift. She decided it was her Period BFF (she really liked it!)

If you love Lunapads, don’t miss out on the opportunity to educate someone else about eco positive periods. You could be planting a seed that will save them from a lifetime of uncomfortable periods and negativity towards their body!

Have any of you experienced a Lunapads “teachable moment”? Tell us about it in the comments!

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  • Jrmiss86

    Thanks for the info, my daughter is only 5, but she had such a bad reaction to disposable diapers, that I don’t even want her thinking about disposable pads. When would you suggest starting to talk to her. She does the laundry with me, so she sees mine, but we never really talk about it.

    • Komara

       With my girls when they asked I answered on whatever age level was appropriate. I was also open and up front about what was going on, it was not hidden. When you get pregnant the topic of period comes up naturally with the elder siblings.  Mind you my first girl was rather curious so asked young. I believe there was a disposable pad incident where she tried them out…everywhere! she looked like a walking pad robot!