Malawi update – deja vu!

I just received this report from Anna Ebert in Malawi. The picture she sent was particularly inspiring to me, as it reminded me of this other one of Suzanne and I holding the adjustable-size panties that I created with Rachel Starkey. How cool that the idea has bounced around from Canada to Egypt to Malawi!

More news coming soon on the 10,000 Transformation Textiles pad/panty kits that we are currently fundraising for: the show is getting on the road! Want to help? Click here to donate – all it takes is $5 to supply a girl with sustainable supplies that will last for years and help shape a better future for her, her family & community: thank you!

Every village we go to here in Northern Malawi, we give the opportunity for women and girls to learn how to make underwear and pads. They LOVE the concept and just cheer and clap when they see it. So far 137 women have learned to make them. Although it is a work in the making, they are proud of their work. It’s great to see them making it for themselves.

I showed the underwear and pads to Mr. Mtika who is in charge of all the curriculum taught in the schools in this zone and he wants to make the sewing of these as part of standards 7 and 8 curriculum! I will meet with him again next week and bring a sewing machine to the newly selected sewing committee (see pic attached of the committee) there, who will also, when ready, proceed to learn how to make school uniforms. We’ll see how it’s all going to develop.

137 is only a very small percentage of all the women and girls here but it’s a start.  It would be great to give all the girls the opportunity to have the supplies they so desperately need. All girls have the right to have the opportunity to stay in school. With the availability of the kits, this would make it possible. And at the same time, it would be good for them all to learn how to sew them to keep it all sustainable.

On behalf of the girls and women in northern Malawi, thank you to you all for all you are doing to make this happen!!

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