In the Red Tent with Conscious Divas!

Now that I have seen first hand how gorgeous, powerful and totally fun it is to do a Red Tent event at Lunapads, I am stunned that it took us this long!

To tell you the truth, it’s something that we have talked about for years (not coincidentally pretty much since Anita Diamant’s classic The Red Tent came out in 1997). After all, in many ways Lunapads literally is a temple devoted to celebrating and empowering divine feminine energy and wisdom (it just looks like a business ;-)!

I should probably start by mentioning that Vancouver is a bit of a hotbed for fabulous, creative, spiritually attuned, ass-kicking gals (like, where isn’t? but we live here and have an amazing community, woo hoo!) An innovative unifier of this group in recent years has been the fabulous Conscious Divas, headed by the lovely Kate Muker. When Kate approached us about hosting a “Diva Date Night” with a Red Tent theme, we knew that it was definitely time to get our groove on.

And groove we did. Our fabulous Priestess-friend Nikiah Seeds (co-author of Moon Mysteries: Reclaiming Women’s Menstrual Wisdom) led us in a beautiful visualization and celebration of our divine feminine selves. It’s amazing how powerful even the simple invocation of our female ancestors can be. Hearing all the women in the room (45, with a waiting list!) identify themselves as (in my case for example): “Madeleine, grand daughter of Gladys and Mary Elizabeth, Daughter of Patricia, Mother of Genevieve” brought many of us to tears. We shared what we found beautiful in one another. We gathered sacred objects and photos of ourselves and used them to tell one another about powerful moments in our lives.

We made a beautiful space and celebrated! Nikiah has the most incredible collection of red saris, with which we transformed our inventory and order fulfillment room into a sacred temple, complete with carpets, pillows and flowers (from my garden, woot!). Kate made delicious raw vegan sweets, Nikiah’s friend Isabelle brought her gorgeous Namasthe tea all the way from Whistler, Surya Devi serenaded us with her beautiful voice and guitar playing, and Nicole decorated us with her sacred henna art. Suzanne took these beautiful photos – how amazing are we??

Thank you to everyone who came out and made it such a special evening. Have you ever participated in a Red Tent event? How do you celebrate your inner Goddess? Blessings and Namaste!

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  • Once again you are an inspiration…!

  • steph

    i want to come to one of these… they sound awesome.

  • Steph, as it so happens, there is one planned on April 29th and May 9th. Please contact us for details!