Join Eve Ford to support TT Malawi!

Ripples of support for Transformation Textiles Malawi campaign continue to flow! Last week we saw that our tie-front panties were being made by women there, and thanks to Danielle LaPorte’s support we have raised over $5,000 to ship 10,000 TT kits made of waste fabric.

It was also thanks to Danielle that we have enlisted the support of some amazing people and businesses who want to pitch in.

Eve Ford is one of those people: she has personally pledged to match up to $1,000 in donations from her posse (which could include you!)

Click here to join Eve in changing the lives of 10,000 girls in Malawi for as little as $5!

Eve is the founder of Coaching for Educational Excellence, a¬†comprehensive one-on-one and group coaching program devoted exclusively to educators. We asked her why she was drawn to supporting Pads4Girls and Transformation Textiles and here’s what she said:

“Another big part of my work is that I teach middle school kids how to read Hebrew to prepare for their Bar/Bat Mitzvahs- a significant rite of passage that we cherish in the Reform Jewish community for girls that often, developmentally, coincides with the beginning of menses. For girls in Malawi and other developing nations, the onset of menses can signify the end of independence before it even begins!

This is a huge reason I support Pads4Girls. I have known about Lunapads for years through your ads in BUST magazine and I heard about your campaign for girls in Malawi from Danielle Laporte. Everyday when I go to the grocery store or the big box stores, I am keenly aware of the unimaginable waste of products and materials and I am so impressed and supportive of “economic conversion” in which everyone wins.

Transformation Textiles is a prime example of doing good without creating new materials. There are already enough materials in the world to support this campaign forever- we just need to $$ support to keep it going and spread the world. It goes without saying that we in the western world take for granted the “keeping clean” of menstruation- even the poor in this country have access to pads and tampons. Supporting girls to stay in school by creating and distributing pads is the ultimate feminist and radical act – I am on board now and forever!”

Thank you/ Toda Raba Eve for your fabulous generosity!
Donate to Eve’s Transformation Textiles Fund Here

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