Yoginis talk periods with Girlvana

As is the case for most businesses, we get requests for sponsorships and donations all the time. Sometimes we say yes, sometimes we say no, and sometimes we are practically falling over ourselves to be part of something simply because the person making the ask is so totally, magnetically compelling. Alex Mazerolle and Girlvana yoga fall squarely in the latter category.

We donated gift bags and sponsored one girl to attend her recent teen girl yoga retreat and received this beautiful account of the powerful sharing that the girls did around their experiences:

I wanted to send a quick note to tell you just how thankful I am for the generous donations. I have attached a few photos of the girls reading their booklets and the discussion that took place.

It was such a beautiful opportunity for us all to share about the first time we got our periods, how we told our mothers and how we have viewed our bodies ever since. I was surprised about how open, honest and engaged all the girls were. We spoke about shame and embarrassment surrounding pads and tampons and sneaking off to the bathroom at school etc. The mentors and I shared stories about coming to love and listen to our bodies, how our cycles are actually an incredible occurrence and that we must begin to connect with ourselves in this way.

Some of the girls put on their “I love my Period” pins and others placed them on the alter that we created in the yoga room. We discussed all the beautiful work that you guys do like Pads4Girls which they all took a keen interest in. It was an enlightening discussion and fit so perfectly in the over all message of the camp.

I am deeply grateful for the support not only just for the product, but for encouraging these discussions to happen and raising the consciousness for not only these girls but for myself. I felt very privileged to deliver this information knowing that it was trickling down from such strong leaders such as yourselves.

I have also attached a photo of beautiful Sarah. Your generous donation went her way so she could attend the retreat. She is one of 10 siblings and it was her eldest sister who reached out to me for financial aid and really wanted for Sarah to have this opportunity.

Sarah blew us all away with her presence. She was a sponge the entire week, soaking up all of the advice, wisdom and words that were shared. She spent time with each mentor to open up and learn. She was kind, caring, and brave. Her tears were all of our tears as she told her stories, expressed her worries and ultimately found her voice. She wrote letters to each of us on the last day and we all sobbed at her eloquence, her understanding and the promise of a stronger girl with more love for herself.

Without your donation, it would not have been possible. Your help and the impact that we made is such a miracle and I am eternally grateful. The impact we can make on each other’s lives with a little support makes me see just how important this work is.

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  • Anna Wilson

    This sounds like such a gift for these girls! And I am so grateful Sarah was able to attend, it sounds like a life-giving experience for all!