AppleCheeks interview & giveaway!

Comment below to tell us what you love about reusable products for your chance to win an AppleCheeks prize pack! This contest is now closed.

I was recently in Montreal where I had the immense good fortune to sit down for lunch with a group of our most admired entrepreneur colleagues, Ilana Grostern (far left) and Amy Appleton (next to Ilana) of AppleCheeks Diapers, as well as Wendy Armbruster Bell of Snugabell (center) and Sylvie D’Sousa of Naturebag.

For those of us Moms already happily converted to cloth menstrual pads, choosing cloth diapers for our kids is a no-brainer. In case you missed Amy and Ilana slaying the “Dragons” on Dragons Den, be sure to check it out here. I sent them a few followup questions to learn more about what motivates them in business (interviews and giveaways from Naturebag and Snugabell coming soon!)

MS: What do you love about being entrepreneurs?

IG: Amy and I are both very strong-minded individuals with clear ideas about how things should be in business, so instead of working for a company that would not allow us to maximize our abilities, we decided to launch our own company. For me, personally, as a creative person with a background in graphic design, having my own company allows me to put my own concepts into play and really let my energies flow. And also, running our own company allows us to provide the sort of service to our customers that we feel they TRULY deserve.

What is the most rewarding thing about building AppleCheeks?

The FANS! Man, we have the best fans/customers EVER! They are so energetic and supportive and wonderful and they make coming in to the office and doing what do every day SO TOTALLY WORTH IT!

What are your favourite reasons for choosing cloth (diapers & pads) over disposables?

They just FEEL so much better. And the fact is that when you attach a disposable diaper to your child you might as well be taking 15 cents and just throwing it directly into the landfill. It would have less of an environmental impact. I haven’t worn disposable menstrual products in about ten years now and would have made the switch earlier had I known about it. I use cloth pads and Amy favours the Diva Cup, and of course we wouldn’t let anything but AppleCheeks touch our babies’ skin!

So, who wants to win an AppleCheeks prize pack that includes a multi-purpose storage sac (check out the Lunapads cameo in this lovely video!), size 1 envelope cover and microterry insert, and size 1 swim diaper. Comment below to tell us what you love about reusable products for your chance to win!

This contest is now closed. Thanks, everyone!

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  • Danaebias

    I love that I don’t have to feel guilty for creating waste just because I’m a woman with a baby.  I love how much more comfortable they are and i love owning them – they are mine – and not just something to toss away.

  • Juli

     I love saving money, but I also think reusable products are more FUN!

  • Bree Flowers

    I love that the fun prints on my diapers and mamacloth make me smile when I use them.

  • Cloth diapers are addicting…SO MANY colours and prints to choose from!!

  • Brie

    I love knowing that there aren’t plastics and chemicals being held up against the most sensitive parts of my and my daughter’s bodies!

  • Erin Burke

    Love that my son’s diaper rashes are now a thing of the past!  I can’t believe how soft and absorbant reusuables are.  I feel like passing out a free sample to everyone so they can see how awesome reusables are!
    I have to say that the thing I didn’t realize about reusables is that they really cut down on the ”stink” factor.  Before we used cloth (oh, how we were naive), we had to get one of those diaper genies to contain the smell.  Now, we just flush and wash!  Same thing for cloth pads: rinse and wash!

  • I love the money saving and that I don’t have to remember to buy more nappies/sanitary pads when I’m out! No rushes to the shops because I’ve used the last nappy! The main thing for me though is that I love the lack of chemicals against my toddler’s delicate skin. Same as why I love using reusable sanitary products for myself!

  • Jenfillier

    I love that you never have to worry about running out of them. Worst case scenario you have to do an emergency load of laundry

  • Cristen

    love that I can save so much money!

  • Julie

    Gentle on the environment, my wallet and less time spent in shopping centres. Also allows me more control over what is next to our skin – no petrochemicals! 

  • Shannon

    It’s been said before, but I’ll say it again, I love that by using re-usable products we are putting less trash into the environment, causing less waste and less pollution.  And bonus!  We save money not having to buy the same products over and over again. 🙂

  • Rahel_farmchick

    Was the winner announced for this??

  • Heat Exchangers

    Excellent product
    at a great price, arrived on time and in good condition, overall very happy
    with transaction.

  • Jessica Williams

    I am in love with applecheeks cloth diapers!  They are fantastic!  Plus, less expensive than buying diapers every single month!