Limited Edition Hipster Lunapanties

Panty Party at Lunapads

After a months-long dry spell, we are having a end-of-summer panty party at Lunapads! Here’s what’s new:

“Limited Edition” Hipster Lunapanties

Yes, Hipster Lunapanties are finally back in sizes small thru 3XL! Thank you so much to all of you who have been patiently waiting for them. With the same great Hipster design, we’ve made some modifications:

  1. More absorbent than ever, these “limited edition” underwear feature a waterproof PUL lining and microfiber padding, making them ideal for heavy flow, overnight and light incontinence
  2. 90% cotton / 10% spandex fabric with new thinner, silkier bands to hold Inserts
  3. No leg elastic, making them super comfortable
  4. Made in Egypt by our Transformation Textiles partner, CottonTales. This awesome factory has partnered with Pads4Girls to up-cycle waste fabric into pads and panties for girls in developing nations.

Knock Out! Smart Panties

Knock Out! Smart Panties

While Lunapanties are some of our most popular products, we also get a ton of requests from customers to carry everyday underwear. We have finally found ones that we think are ideal: Smart Panties made by Knock Out. Since all of our team has tested them out, here’s what we think is so “smart” about them!

Madeleine “They’re gorgeous, featuring stretch lace waistbands (a personal fave!) in Thong, Bikini and Brief styles”

Karen: “They washed up by hand nicely and dried overnight which is handy for traveling” (The main fabric is fast-drying 100% supima cotton).

Suzanne: “The geek and practicalist in me totally loves how the gusset panel performed. Made with patented (and award winning) “No Trace” technology, the gusset is lauded for it’s moisture wicking and odor absorbing properties. I was also happy with the way they came clean (with a little help from my trusty Stain Stick.)

Christa: “Overall I found them very comfortable, lightweight, and the cut and fit were fine for me, though I might have gone down a size, as I like my undies like I like my hugs – snug.”

Made in the USA, we think these underwear compare nicely to the fancy Hanky Panky underwear you can buy in lingerie shops, but better because of the special gusset treatment. Smart Panties are ideal for everyday (especially in warm climates!), travel, exercise, for light spotting or backup protection with a DivaCup, or for wearing with Lunapads.

Limited Edition Hipster Lunapanties are 10% off until the end of September 2012, so check ’em out and let us know what you think! Bonus News Alert: We’ve added the Limited Edition Hipster Lunapanties to the list of items eligible for our new One4Her program: for each purchase of these Limited Edition Hipsters, we’ll make sure a girl in East Africa receives an AFRIpad!

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