Easing into Lunapads, Birthday-style!

Lunapads Mini Pad & Insert sets are on sale now for just $10 each! Already have enough Lunapads? Share this deal with your friends to help them make the switch!

We’ve recently got into the habit of celebrating Fab Fridays here at Lunapads and this Friday is a special one: it’s my birthday! So, when the Lunagals asked me what I’d like to put on sale, I simply thought of the first product I bought just days after I met Madeleine 12 years ago!

When Madeleine explained to me what she did for a living and how Lunapads worked, I didn’t have an ewww reaction. Instead, I thought to myself “hey, Lunapads sound pretty progressive; Madeleine is someone I admire and want to support. Why not give them a try?” But I wasn’t sure if I would like using them. Feeling adventurous, I went to my local health food store (which is now a Whole Foods store) and picked up a Mini Pad & Insert pack. It seemed like a “safe” and inexpensive introduction to a concept that was definitely outside my normal routine. And I haven’t looked back since!

So in honour of my birthday, I want to make it easy for all of you folks who are new to Lunapads. (Bonus: we just received some super fun new prints from the factory: “That 70s Flow” fabric is particularly close to my heart, as most of my childhood memories are from the 1970s (any Partridge Family fans out there?)

This Friday October 26th, get a Mini Pad and Insert Pack for only $10.00. That’s a 33% savings! Have enough? Then please share this great offer with your pals: what better way for them to ease into Lunapads than suggesting they get some cute Mini Pads at a super low price?

PS: Mini Pad and Inserts are One4Her eligible. Buy one and we will donate an AFRIpad to a girl in East Africa!


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  • Komara

    Happy Birthday to you!!!!!! Anyone else have a birthday today> ?

  • Camille

    Happy birthday Suzanne!
    I just allowed myself to splurge on three new mini pads since my first big lunapads purchases to start up my stash 🙂 The new prints and the rockets one are awesome!I just wanted to let you know that you are an inspiration to me. I just started university to become a chartered accountant. I’ve read in your bio that this is your education and the field you were in before joining Lunapads. When I see the awesome things you’ve achieved (by really increasing the business size with Madeleine) with Lunapads, I just gives me the motivation to see that later on, when I’m out working in the real world, my career choices won’t be limited to the more standard accounting jobs. There really are amazing career opportunities out there, I’m happy for you that you came across Lunapads.Thanks for being such an awesome role model for me 🙂 I wish the best success for Lunapads, but clearly this is already happening!
    Also, Lunapads has been a major role player in helping me be okay with my period (I now love my period, literally, and I even wish my cycles were not so long and irregular) to be able to use my Lunapads more often.)

  • Jay

    Happy Birthday! Thank you so much for the coupon. That was just what I needed to jump into the world of Lunapads. I just bought my first two minipads . Excited to see how they work next month! 🙂