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Danielle Hoogenboom, Love Light Yoga

Danielle Hoogenboom is one of my favorite teachers at my home studio YYOGA. I have always resonated with her story of self-transformation from being an cynical artist with some self-destructive habits to embracing her health and personal development through yoga. She is a Yin yoga specialist (Yin is the feminine principle, or “side”, in contrast to the masculine Yang, in the Chinese tradition), and you can also catch her classes at Unity Yoga in Vancouver.

She is a longtime advocate of natural menstrual products (in fact, when she learned where I worked she practically shouted “Lunapads? I love Lunapads!!!“) and so I asked her to share her thoughts about her relationship with her cycle, as well as how the DivaCup serves her yoga practice.

Our cycles are to be honoured as part of our practice. They remind us that there is an ebb and a flow to all aspects of our life.

My physical practice changes dramatically depending on my cycles. The few days before, I feel quiet and need time to rest, restore and prep for the days ahead! I need more sleep, heavier food and lots of water. The first days of my cycle, I have way less energy, and really reminds me that I need to slow it down, feel more in tune with my body’s requests and to back off a bit.

Energy, strength and confidence resurfaces in the last few days of my cycle and the days following the completion, I feel charged! Powerful, connected, fierce and earthy. My movements and attitude on my mat directly reflect this.

The DivaCup: Reusable Menstrual Alternative to TamponsI am madly in love with my DivaCup and has used it for many many years. It allows me to track my cycle, stay connected and honour the process. It is completely comfortable to wear and totally safe. I even wear it on the days I am expecting my moon if I am teaching a few classes in row to avoid any mid class surprises.

The no waste thing was my main reason for switching over to the DivaCup. The amount of waste a women creates each year using disposable products for natural cycles is heartbreaking. I can’t urge women enough to switch, its our responsibility to support sustainable products and to make decision about the kind of world we want to co-create into our future.

I believe our yoga practice is all our actions, choices, reactions and the way that we move in the world. My monthly moon and the way I relate is a mirror to all things in my life. It brings me patience, acceptance, understanding, tenderness and allowance to shift and change. I honour the cycles and rhythms in my life as a compass that shows me the ways I am evolving both as a woman and a yogini.”

Thank you Danielle! Any other Diva-loving yoginis out there who want to share their experience?

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