5 Reasons Oprah Should Meet Us!

Trying to get Oprah’s attention is no small feat, but we are giving it our best shot! In addition to our quick video, here is a list of why we feel our story is a great fit for her. Please share widely!!!

1) We are the real deal. We didn’t just wake up a couple of months ago and decide to be groovy entrepreneurs making awesome green products that help women to feel fantastic about their bodies – we have been doing it for years. We have given speeches, won awards, and inspired hundreds to find new ways to make a difference in the world. Thanks to the hundreds of thousands of women in 40 countries who use Lunapads, over 1 million disposable pads and tampons are diverted from landfills every month.

2) We are different. We have chosen to work in a field that lots of people still find a bit challenging – but that is what makes us awesome. We could have chosen a million products to sell: we chose reusable menstrual products because they change women’s lives in a unique way that impacts our health, self-esteem and environment. We’ve dedicated our careers to taking on this important issue.

3) We are having a unique and meaningful impact on girls in the developing world. 12 years ago we became aware of something that most people still don’t realize: that many girls and women in the developing world lack access to feminine hygiene products, with devastating results. Our Pads4Girls and One4Her programs have reached over 120,000 girls in 15 countries to date.

4) Periods matter. Menstruation is not gross. It is not an inappropriate conversation topic. In fact, how we treat and talk about it makes a difference in how we respect and understand our bodies. It is a powerful reminder of our “inner Goddess” and her amazing connection to Nature’s larger cycles (think tides, seasons and of course the cycles of the Moon). Our periods are how we came into this world!

5) We are all about body positivity and self-acceptance. When we get more ok with our periods, we get more ok with our cycles. When we get more ok with our cycles, we get more ok with our bodies. When we get more ok with our bodies, we have better self esteem and become more accepting of not only ourselves but of others, regardless of race, class, age, ability, gender, sexual orientation, or size. Let’s share the love!

PS/ Thank you Tracy Bymoen for the fabulous video!

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  • thundershine

    Maybe here? https://ownca.oprah.com/be-on-tv.aspx

  • Constance

    I consider this at least a dozen times more important than Lance Armstrong’s interview.

  • Totally Top Priority Oprah!  Luna products are the future, especially in the 3rd world countries. This product was, what every country used, until the disposable products, came onto the market.  Hello people?  My granddaughter is just trained out of her cotton diapers, and never had a diaper rash due to no bleach.  New Moms are better educated than we were.

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