Just a regular gal rockin’ the cloth

Hi everyone, I’m Bernice from Vancouver — born and raised in East Van y’all! Now, normally I would never describe myself as ‘just a regular gal’ but for the sake of argument, let’s just go with it:

I live in a condo with my husband and baby daughter. We own one car, which my husband drives every day to and from work. These days I generally walk everywhere with my baby but pre-baby, I got around the city almost exclusively on transit. Most places I needed to get to were easier to arrive at on public transit anyway and downtown parking in Vancouver is a premium (rightly so, in my opinion — space ain’t cheap!).

Though I try to bring my travel coffee mug with me at all times, sometimes you’ll find a stack of styrofoam takeout containers in my fridge. While I’ve rid my bathroom of all products containing parabens, now and then I still indulge in my favourite Canadian-made lipstick (rhymes with ‘Mack’) that I know contains lead. When I was pregnant I purchased a variety of cloth diapers for my baby, having ‘done my research’, but when it came down diapering, none of the styles fit her bum properly and now, almost 6 months later, I’m still testing out different brands.

What’s the point of all this?

I’m like most people I know, trying to do a little better. A little better for our environment, a little better for my health. I don’t have it all figured out. If there were a stereotypical cloth menstrual pad user, I would probably not fit the bill. But guess what? I am an advocate for Lunapads. Sometimes you just know that something is true, and in this case I’m convinced with every fiber of my being that the disposable menstrual products currently in the market are very bad for our bodies and very bad for our environment.

Plenty of articles by respected organizations discuss the health and environmental implications of disposables. I recently read that tampons contain chemicals that disrupt our hormone actions and may be linked to infertility. That’s some scary stuff! I mean there are enough chemicals around us these days that we have to deal with; do we really need to go inserting some heavy hitters into our most intimate body part?

I switched to cloth when I discovered the chemical contents of tampons and disposable pads. To speak plainly, I don’t want those chemicals in or near my vagina. That’s the message I want to deliver to everyone I care about.

There are many awesome cloth pad companies to buy from, but I choose Lunapads because the company has a social mission and is gender inclusive; the icing on the cake that the pads are made in my hometown.

Thanks for letting me share this with you!
Gotta run… I have some cloth diapers to wash.

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  • Jennifer

    Love your message and delivery!

    ‘I don’t want those chemicals in or near my vagina!’
    Me neither!!

  • Renee

    Totally agree!