Lunapads Rocks Pecha Kucha

I have been an avid attendee of the Vancouver chapter of Pecha Kucha for the past couple of years, and was thrilled to be asked to speak as part of Volume 26, presented jointly with Women Transforming Cities, a local group dedicated to examining how urban spaces can be more girl- and woman-friendly.

For those of you new to “PK Night”, it’s a highly engaging speaking format where each presenter chooses 20 slides that typically represent why they do the work they do, which are then set on a timer to allow 20 seconds of speaking time per slide: kind of an ADD version of a TED talk.

I was nervous, and had never spoken in front of anywhere close to the evening’s sold-out 1200 seats. Inspired by the preceding 10 incredible speakers whose topics ranged from women’s roller derby teams, to violence and safety, urban planning, alternative transportation, historical preservation and more, I stepped up to the stage and gave it my all. I am frankly still buzzing from the positive reception and feedback (they laughed, they cried!) for my personal story that illustrates what makes Lunapads tick, even almost 20 years after I first started developing the products.

You will not regret spending the next 7 minutes of your life watching this, especially if you have ever been an adolescent girl excited about the prospect of becoming a woman. If it lands for you, please share widely – it’s a sweet, funny and highly personal way to tell your friends what Lunapads is all about: enjoy!

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  • Annemarie

    That was wonderful, sorry to miss it but happy to be part of your successful evening that night!

  • Jennifer

    Very beautiful speech!