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It’s been a while since we’ve tooted our own horn, but hey, we’re feeling pretty great! Last week, at a large gala event in Vancouver, Lunapads received the Successful You Award in the Community Impact category. Sponsored by Small Business BC, we were chosen, along with 5 other category winners, from over 170 other BC businesses during the course of a five-month period, and evaluated by a panel of judges.

“The selection process this year was extremely tough as there are so many strong, smart and innovative businesses in our province,” says Small Business BC CEO George Hunter. “This company’s activities are changing perceptions and empowering people on a local and global scale. Not only are they addressing the contemporary needs of their customers, they are also causing a fundamental shift in thinking. We’re excited to see the future of this business.”

It feels extremely rewarding to be recognized for our work. There have been numerous times where Madeleine and I have wondered whether our community work is serving the business. As a small business facing daily challenges with sales & cash flow (ah, the life of entrepreneurs!) there can be days where you wonder if the extra work you do (that doesn’t directly support sales and is a drain on cash flow) is taking away from what you should be doing.

ssmssyaAnd yet we feel called: in addition to our volunteer work and financial investment with Pads4Girls, we both have active practices as mentors to numerous women entrepreneurs, help organize community events and are constantly doing speaking and guest lecturing stints at local educational institutions. This year Madeleine is a lead organizer of the upcoming SVI – Women conference for social entrepreneurs, a massive commitment.

But, as I said in my brief award acceptance speech: “for those of us who are dedicated to community service, we don’t do it with the expectation of recognition or awards. However, when that recognition is acknowledged, it is greatly appreciated. For not only does it shine a light on our business and our work, more importantly, we hope it inspires others to think about what else they can do in their community and have a social impact.” I think it’s working: the most frequent comment we get from others is that we are inspirational!

As for the intangible rewards we get from our time with our mentees in our local community and the stories and images we get from our Pads4Girls recipient groups (like imagine1day, My Arms Wide Open, DaysForGirls and AFRIpads) well, those are priceless. It is a privilege for us to do the work we do. Recent high profile awards (especially from mainstream institutions like Small Business BC, BC Business Magazine and the Better Business Bureau) for Lunapads is icing on the cake!

PS: a big shout out to our good friends at Eclipse Awards for creating the beautiful awards. Congratulations Toby on you Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Award: your blog post on the subtle magic of recognition and it’s ability to inspire others is so true! You totally inspire us and make us want to do more.

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  • Sue Dickie

    Congratulations on your very well deserved award!

  • Great post Suzanne! You and Madeleine have been working so hard and generating so much energy and goodwill through Lunapads – it is great to see you recognized for your efforts! Though at times it can be hard to “make the numbers work” for your community efforts, this is where the real magic happens and you are both living proof of that – aspiring, inspiring and downright awesome! 

    Thank you for the shout out and congratulations again – we are honoured to be a small part of your amazing journey! Onwards good people!