My Autistic Daughter has Period Independence

Over the years, we’ve received a number of messages from autistic customers — and from the parents of autistic kids and teens, too — telling us that Lunapads are more comfortable and have helped ease the sensory issues sometimes triggered by conventional menstrual products.

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a mom who wanted to tell me about her daughter’s experience using Lunapanties. In her email, she asked me to share her daughter’s story with organizations serving autistic communities, and urges us all to work harder to “enlighten parents about this amazing product”.

I thought sharing an excerpt of what she wrote here might be a good way to reach some of these organizations, and get the conversation started here, too — so, with permission from the whole family, here it is.

Hi Lisa, I wanted to share a positive period experience with you.

My daughter started her period when she was 9 years old. She knew about the changes happening in her body and was ready when she started. We did not know about Lunapads at the time but a friend told us about them last year and guided us in our purchases.

The amazing thing about Lunapanties is that they give my daughter the independence to manage her period needs.

She has autism and has difficulty with the snaps on Lunapads. Disposable products bunch up, feel uncomfortable, and are difficult to change. Lunapanties give her the freedom to change the entire panty when needed!

Before Lunapanties, we used big girl pull-ups at night and on road trips to avoid the stress of an uncomfortable pad and spill-overs. She knew they were “like diapers” and I really couldn’t argue the point, but they did the trick. I am sure this was hard for her to come to terms with, given that she’s been using the toilet independently for many years and knows that pull ups are not typically used for periods.

I am so THANKFUL to have Lunapads and Lunapanties in our lives. She calls these her “normal” pads (versus the throwaway, disposable ones) and her younger sister already has a starter pack waiting for her for when she starts.

blackhipster2For those unfamiliar with Lunapanties; they are multi-functional, protective underwear that can be relied upon for everyday security, menstrual protection, and light bladder leakage.

All styles include a built-in cotton panel to absorb light leaks. In styles designed for moderate to heavy needs — like our MAIA Hipster, MAIA Brief and MAIA Bikini — we’ve added a leakproof lining and the ability to add & remove absorbent inserts as needed throughout the day. View Collection

If you’re on the autism spectrum and would like to write a guest blog post about your experience with our products, we’d love to hear from you!

Curious? Use the promo code NEW2LUNA to save 15% on  your first order with us. If you have any questions at all or need help with product choices, do not hesitate to email us at or call 1.888.590.2299.

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  • Tarnished

    I’m autistic and although menstruation isn’t a problem for me I know many others on the spectrum who do have issues with menstruation that include discomfort when using conventional tampons and pads.

    Many autistic people I’ve come across are just like any other people, very unsure about reusable menstrual options, but I would think that parents of people more severely effected by autism would be more open to trying reusable menstrual options if they knew they existed.