Meet Rachel (alumnus)

Hi, I’m Rachel! I’m so excited to be the newest part of the Lunapads family. I’m especially happy about working with the Pads4Girls program as it encompasses so much of what I am passionate about.

I grew up in a small city in Alberta, and have often told people my entire personality is based on the fact that I am a middle child, since I have always tended towards peacemaking and conflict avoidance. I am a happy introvert content with being alone in my own thoughts, a book, or a nice hot beverage.

I grew up wanting to graduate from high school and become a stay at home Mom with copious amounts of children. Somewhere along the way, however, my desires grew and I longed for more experiences and adventure. I have since then studied and lived in Calgary, BC and Ottawa along with travelling to Hungary, Austria, Germany, France, England, Kenya, and many more states and provinces than I can count.

I went to Kenya in 2012 as a dream come true after years of studying Africa and desiring to one day visit. I went with my University and while there worked on a development project where we taught a local tailoring group how to make reusable feminine pads. Since I had minor sewing skills and a passion for women’s empowerment I was very excited about this project!

We worked with our group on the porch of a local community centre in the village of Muhanda. What surprised me the most was the teachers that worked in centre coming up to us and asking us what we were making. When they found out they were so enthusiastic and immediately wanted to try it. For them, disposable alternatives are about the equivalent to a week’s wage, making them a huge luxury. In many communities such as these, clean water is available but there is a lack of infrastructure for proper garbage disposable which is a necessity when using disposable sanitary products. This is why washable pads to me seem like such a no-brainer in countries where what we see as “normal” doesn’t always work.

On a personal level, I felt a deep, new connection to myself when I began using eco-alternative menstrual products. I wanted to feel good about my impact on the environment but what happened instead was feeling comfortable with body in a whole new way that I was not expecting.

I have recently moved to Vancouver after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies. Living in B.C. is also my attempt to settle down and find a place to call home. I spend most of my spare time crocheting and selling my creations on my Etsy shop along with trying to figure out what life is like on the other end of being a student.

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  • Jennifer

    Yay! What an inspirational story <3

  • suzanne

    Welcome Rachel. It’s awesome to have you join the team and share your fabulous skills and dedication!

  • Christa

    So happy to have you on the team, Rachel! What an exciting life you’ve lead so far!

  • Kitty

    welcome welcome! =)