Why Aren’t There More Periods On TV?

Maybe showing more accurate depictions of menstruation on TV would have a positive impact on society by normalizing periods?

Just a thought. 

by Guest Blogger

Period Poverty In Canada

Period poverty is real, and it is a Canadian problem. One-third of Canadians under the age of 25 who menstruate struggle to buy enough products every month. It is a truly invisible form of poverty.
by Guest Blogger

Spooky Movies That Pass The Bechdel Test

Four of our fave female fronted films that up-end horror movie tropes and will surely put you in the mood for some tricks and treats.
by Morgan MW

Self-Care For The Best. Autumn. Ever.

Here’s six ways to you can take care of yourself as we approach the winter season. 
by Jane H.

The Price of Plastic

Plastic isn’t just filling garbage cans. It’s endangering life on this planet.
by Jane H.

Mental Health and Your Period

Getting your period can be tough on your mental health. Sadness, frustration, and anger are emotions we typically associate with hormonal fluctuations both before and...

by Guest Blogger

Period Sex Myths To Put In The Trash

Period sex! Finally, lots of menstruating folks are having conversations around sexual pleasure during every cycle of their lives. However, there are still a lot...

by Jane H.

A Beginner’s Guide To Fibroids

Wondering what a fibroid is, or whether you have one?

Here's the 101.

by Guest Blogger