The Hidden Impact of Period Poverty In Prisons

"You’d ask a CO for pads or tampons, and he would ask you questions like, ‘How long have you been bleeding? Didn’t I give you a pad yesterday? How long is this one going to last?’"
by Guest Blogger

25 Years of Awesome

As Lunapads hits the big 25, our co-founder Madeleine Shaw reflects on how far the company has come - and how far it is going to go.
by Madeleine Shaw

Bloody Moves: Dancing in My Lunapads on My Period

Let Arielle Egozi explain how you are your most beautiful self on your period.
by Guest Blogger

You Can't Have A Period On Welfare In BC

Guess what you can't afford if you're on welfare in British Columbia? Well, your period, for starters. 
by Jane H.

5 Ways To Get Better Sleep On Your Period

Does your period steal your much needed sleep?

Take a nap. Then take action. 

by Jane H.

How I Plan To Raise A Body Positive Black Daughter

Being body positive in the face of anti-Blackness is hard - because you have to confront your own demons first. 

by Guest Blogger

8 Foods To Help You With Your Period

Got some period cravings? Here's foods that will help you sail through the cramps and keep surfing the crimson wave in style.
by Guest Blogger

What Does Your Period Color Mean?

The color of your period blood could be your body letting you know something's up. Here's how to read your flow.

by Guest Blogger

The One Choice You Can Make To Stop Global Warming

The responsibility for reversing our march toward planetary destruction lies at the feet of those doing the polluting. How do we ensure that this happens?
by Morgan MW