Why Are We Still Fighting Getting Older?

Getting older might change our bodies or the way we look, but it gives us a whole lot more than it takes away.

by Guest Blogger

5 Women on Why They Turned From Pro-Life to Pro-Choice

What prompted these women to change their long-held views on abortion?

by Guest Blogger

The Ultimate Sustainable Shopping Guide

Look no further than this eco-friendly list of sustainable gifts for your loved ones—you’ll find there’s something for every person and every budget.
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It's Time For Ottawa To Recognize Periods

The Great Menstrual Products Unavailability Crisis is real. 
by Guest Blogger

Zero Waste Periods When You're On The Road

Take your reusables on the road.
by Jane H.

UTIs and Periods

Just. The. Worst.

Let's get that infection gone.

by Jane H.

Why Aren’t There More Periods On TV?

Maybe showing more accurate depictions of menstruation on TV would have a positive impact on society by normalizing periods?

Just a thought. 

by Guest Blogger

Period Poverty In Canada

Period poverty is real, and it is a Canadian problem. One-third of Canadians under the age of 25 who menstruate struggle to buy enough products every month. It is a truly invisible form of poverty.
by Guest Blogger