Introducing The Sport Short!

Introducing The Sport Short!
At Lunapads, we're huge advocates for having your period your way - whether you like relaxing with Netflix and a hot water bottle, or crushing it in the gym. That's why we're proud to announce our newest product - the Sport Short.

When we started designing this product, we envisioned a menstruator who was adventurous and let nothing hold them back. Someone who loves the great outdoors. Someone whose Warrior II is on point. Someone who takes to the trails, Crossfits with the best of them, and catches up with her friends on an SUP on a lazy Sunday afternoon. We also wanted to build a product that would help alleviate some of the challenges faced by those who don't want to use tampons or a cup, but still like to go to the beach and participate in water sports during their period. (Not the easiest of tasks, but there you have it.)

Our Sport Short, overall, had to be comfortable. So we designed it with luxurious swimwear fabric sourced from Italy, to stretch and move flawlessly with the user. The interior was lined with a wicking polyester material designed to deal with sweat and absorb up to four tampons' worth of menstrual fluid. To help everyone customize their absorbency, we're including a Sport Insert with each pair. Each Sport Insert is ultra-absorbent and will leave your menses managed.

So, what's the secret to making your Sport Short experience a sublime one? Your good friends at Lunapads have the following tips for you.

    • When you first get your Sport Short, try them on over your underwear to make sure you've got a good fit. With our soft, stretchy fabric, you might decide you want a snugger or looser fit than you'd get with your Luna Undies.

    • It's true! You can take the Sport Short out swimmin' in your fave lake or ocean. However, keep a handle on your flow - on your heaviest days, keep it to a quick dip and change the Insert ASAP. (No matter what day of your period, kayaking, SUP-ing and aggressively awesome beachcombing are all A-OK.)

    • Once you're done your activity of choice, consider taking out your Insert if you're not going to change immediately out of your Sport Short.

    • All day adventure? Pair 'em with a DivaCup and rule the court, waves, mountain - or whatever you've got planned.

Even more exciting is that this is our first, end-to-end zerowaste product. Of course, switching to reusables helps create a zerowaste period for our users, but we partnered with our manufacturing partners and Kwantlen University to recycle all offcuts and material waste from making our sport short. Nothing went to waste.

We're super-excited about this new product line - please do let us know how they work for you, and what you'd want next from us! And keep having adventures in all your Lunapads products, because the future is period positive.

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