Pantyliner Love

Pantyliner Love

For many of our customers, Classic Lunapads Pantyliners are their first introduction to cloth pads. Uncomplicated, inexpensive, and easy to use -- Lunapads Pantyliners are just the thing for everyday use, light flow, or backup protection with a menstrual cup or tampon.

Because they lack the leakproof lining, ric-rac bands and insert-on-top functionality of pad-style Lunapads (helpful features for those with heavier flow), Pantyliners are our thinnest, most breathable option.

Ready to make the switch, but need help finding the right fit?
We can help! Chat with us while you shop, or give us a call at 1.888.590.2299.

Still not sure? Take a gander at the glowing customer reviews below.

"I bought the 7 Day Mini Pantyliner Kit a few years ago and still wear them as needed for backup during my menses and throughout my cycle. Now I am in my pregnancy, and wear them every day. I cold wash them and dry them  on low (as I do all my laundry), and they have held up great. They are so comfortable. I cant imagine wearing a disposable panty liner again."

"My girlfriend gave me one of your intro kits as a birthday gift, and now I do the same with my other friends. It was the perfect way for me to get to know your products."

"I just got my pantyliners in the mail yesterday. They are so cute and look very well constructed/durable. Usually after wearing a disposable pantyliner all day, it's itchy, moist, and very uncomfortable. This one is so comfortable, I love it!"

"These pantyliners not only are cute, but comfortable and absorbent too. I wish I'd found them sooner.  With disposable brands I always felt sticky and even the unscented ones had a smell.  These are so soft and comfortable and are great for everyday.  The pantyliners are what started me on Lunapads.  Try one and you wont be able to go back!"

"I love the idea of not having to throw liners away everyday. Just like the reviews below, I always felt wet and sticky - but with these, totally soft and comfy."

"I've never used a disposable thong pantyliner, but I can compare it to regular disposables and there is no comparison. It's softer than underwear, you can't feel any moisture, and there is no odor that comes from disposables."

"I bought one to try it and I've been using it for a few months now. I just ordered more, because I love to use it in the days before or after my period."

"I have used a lot of different brands and handmade cloth pantyliners. These are by far the best. The fleecy material is so soft and resists stains. To clean them I can either throw them in with the wash and dry them in the dryer, or handwash and line dry them to fit my needs. Either way they still look like new, over a year later. I am back to buy more to replace the other brands I don't like."

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