Period Swimming Tips

Period Swimming Tips

We've been getting a lot of questions lately about using Lunapads and Luna Undies while swimming. To cut straight to the chase: can you use Lunapads or Luna Undies to absorb your flow while swimming? The short answer is a simple sorry, but no.

So what are your options? There are actually several, depending on your flow and swimming environment.

I am personally a huge fan of swimming in the ocean (I'll take a lake as a close second, though!), and thanks to having fairly light flow and choosing more remote spots to take the plunge, don't worry so much about flow management (or even a bathing suit, if possible - woo hoo!), but going au naturel isn't always an option. For example, if I was on my first day or two and at a public pool, I would definitely use my trusty DivaCup. In fact, my #1 top tip for swimming menstruators is to use a DivaCup.

If the DivaCup isn't for you and circumstances warrant menses mitigation, options also include organic cotton tampons (available at most health food stores) or a Sea Sponge tampon. In my pre-DivaCup days, I found that Sea Sponges were a great solution for me, and it always felt fitting to be using a natural product from the sea while I was actually in it.

How I wish that Lunapads' and Luna Undies' superpowers included non-waterlogging while swimming, but I'm afraid that that's how it is. So what happens if you decide to go for it regardless? Britney isn't wearing Luna Undies in the photo, but you get the idea - soggy and ineffective basically sum it up.

As a final tip, I just read this excellent article about drowning, and how the actual signs are deceptively unlike stereotypes many of us hold (drowning people are incapable of yelling or waving their arms, for example.) Please check it out, and have a safe and happy summer!

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