Switching To Cloth - And Period Positive Parenting

How do you talk to kids about periods?


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The Problem with “Feminine” Wellness

If you're working in sexual health today - you've gotta be gender inclusive.
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Thoughts from a Mother to a Moon Maiden

In my previous post, I shared about the advent of my daughter’s first period, how it was celebrated and touched those around her. As part...

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A Magical First Period

I don’t know about you, but my first period was not awesome, probably made worse by the fact that I had so eagerly anticipated it....

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Light Bladder Leakage (And What To Do About It)

Hey Lunahive! We're proud to introduce Dr. Brianne Grogan (PT, DPT), a specialist in pelvic floor health.  She's here to give us some advice on...

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How to Raise Period Positive Kids

Body image, sexuality, strength in the face of societal and peer pressure. Raising kids is a tough job. Add the daunting task of fighting against...

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First Periods: 6 Tips to Help Them Feel Positive & Prepared

It’s one of parenthood’s most anticipated-yet-feared moments: your child starting their first period. What are some tips and tricks for ensuring that they have the...

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Kids, Kegels & Leaks Oh My!

Image above (via David Davis) is of Mary Lepper (L) America's first woman to run a full marathon. This guest blog post was written by...

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Lunapads Tips for Postpartum Healing

Hey all of you Luna-Mamas out there! Menstruation is a daily topic around our office and a big part of that for many is pregnancy,...

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