Self-Care For The Best. Autumn. Ever.

Here’s six ways to you can take care of yourself as we approach the winter season. 
by Jane H.

The Price of Plastic

Plastic isn’t just filling garbage cans. It’s endangering life on this planet.
by Jane H.

The Painful Truth About The Period Taboo

The period taboo isn't just annoying tradition - it can deeply and negatively impact the lives of everyone who menstruates.
by Guest Blogger

"But I Don't Bleed!" Honoring Your Cycles For People Without Uteruses

Not everyone has a menstrual cycle - but we're all living cyclical lives.
by Guest Blogger

The Politics of Comfort

Who gets to be comfortable in this world? Short answer: those who benefit from the power structures that dictate how our world works.

by Jane H.

Six Feminist Podcasts You Should Really Look Into

Six amazing podcasts to bring a shot of pure feminism to your ears.
by Jane H.

5 Period-Inspired Halloween Costumes For Procrastinators

Halloween, inspired by.. periods! Happy haunting, babes. 
by Morgan MW

How Ads Have Period-Shamed Us For Decades

The ad industry is a mess of misogyny, and period ads are no exception. 
by Guest Blogger