The Painful Truth About The Period Taboo

The period taboo isn't just annoying tradition - it can deeply and negatively impact the lives of everyone who menstruates.
by Guest Blogger

"But I Don't Bleed!" Honoring Your Cycles For People Without Uteruses

Not everyone has a menstrual cycle - but we're all living cyclical lives.
by Guest Blogger

The Politics of Comfort

Who gets to be comfortable in this world? Short answer: those who benefit from the power structures that dictate how our world works.

by Jane H.

Six Feminist Podcasts You Should Really Look Into

Six amazing podcasts to bring a shot of pure feminism to your ears.
by Jane H.

5 Period-Inspired Halloween Costumes For Procrastinators

Halloween, inspired by.. periods! Happy haunting, babes. 
by Morgan MW

How Ads Have Period-Shamed Us For Decades

The ad industry is a mess of misogyny, and period ads are no exception. 
by Guest Blogger

Faster, Higher, Bloodier: Periods and Athletes

What is it like to be a world-class athlete - and get your period?
by Jane H.

This Is What A Feminist Business Looks Like

As feminists and entrepreneurs, Madeleine and Suzanne have been working for nearly 20 years to run an unapologetically feminist for-profit business. Unfortunately, we’re now seeing...

by Jane H.