Can I Be Period Positive (And Not Love Blood)?

For people who are averse to blood, whether it’s because of a phobia, bad experience, or just isn’t their preference, all of the focus on embracing the bloodiness of menstruation can be overwhelming and even exclusive.

by Guest Blogger

Swimming Without a Tampon: What Will & Won't Work

Ah summer; when young menstruators’ thoughts turn to pool parties with friends, long days on sandy beaches by the sea, and family vacations to cottages...

by Christa T.

I Met My Hero: Tavi Gevinson of Rookie Magazine

Tavi Gevinson by Erica Parrott  A few weekends ago, I met my personal hero: Tavi Gevinson. Blogger, actor, style icon, feminist, model, singer, and founding...

by Alysha S.

5 Reasons We ♥ The DivaCup

Question: Say you've got an extra $40 to spend this month, what do you do with it? Take your special person to a movie? Take...

by Morgan MW

5 Sweet Steps to Yoga, Periods & Mindfulness

If you’ve seen the hilarious “Sh*t Yogis say” video, then you will probably remember the moment where someone proudly exclaims, “The DivaCup changed my life!”....

by Madeleine Shaw

Moldy Tampon Turmoil

"Eww"; it's a reaction we hear a lot from people who are learning about the concept of reusable menstrual products for the first time. Frankly,...

by Morgan MW

Our Green Travel Tips

With Madeleine and Suzanne's trip to Portland this week for the World Domination Summit, travel and adventure are naturally on our minds. We've been meaning...

by Lunapads Team

The DivaCup vs. Tampons

We often get asked what the difference is between The DivaCup and tampons. As is the case with disposable pads and Lunapads, it really is...

by Lunapads Team

8 Reasons to Ditch o.b. for The DivaCup

If you're using applicator-less tampons already, you're a prime candidate for The DivaCup. You already have the self-knowledge and are comfortable enough with your body...

by Lunapads Team