Planned Parenthood Launched a New Sexual Health Chatbot & Here’s Why That’s So Important

Meet Roo, Planned Parenthood's new chatbot built to demystify reproductive health.

Roo has the potential to change the sex ed game.

by Guest Blogger

Switching To Cloth - And Period Positive Parenting

How do you talk to kids about periods?


by Guest Blogger

Thoughts from a Mother to a Moon Maiden

In my previous post, I shared about the advent of my daughter’s first period, how it was celebrated and touched those around her. As part...

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A Magical First Period

I don’t know about you, but my first period was not awesome, probably made worse by the fact that I had so eagerly anticipated it....

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Tips For Super-Savvy Kids By Your Cool Aunt Flo

So, you saw one of your friends following Lunapads on Instagram and got curious about cloth pads, you did a bunch of reading and research,...

by Christa T.

Period Emojis: Destigmatizing Periods or Just More Coded Language?

Image: Bodyform/SCA Recently, we learned about Bodyform's "femoji" campaign petitioning Unicode to add a set of period-themed emojis to their lexicon. The petition says...

by Lisa F.

Swimming Without a Tampon: What Will & Won't Work

Ah summer; when young menstruators’ thoughts turn to pool parties with friends, long days on sandy beaches by the sea, and family vacations to cottages...

by Christa T.

First Periods: 6 Tips to Help Them Feel Positive & Prepared

It’s one of parenthood’s most anticipated-yet-feared moments: your child starting their first period. What are some tips and tricks for ensuring that they have the...

by Lunapads Team

Hello Flo's Unhappy Period Party

Monthly subscription period providers Hello Flo have done it again, creating yet another provocative and hilarious video about menarche, the sequel to last summer's hit...

by Madeleine Shaw