Mental Health and Your Period

Getting your period can be tough on your mental health. Sadness, frustration, and anger are emotions we typically associate with hormonal fluctuations both before and during menstruation, but what if you also have a mental illness to contend with on top of PMS?
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Period Tracking Apps and Your Privacy

Everything you need to know about protecting your privacy and data when using period tracking apps.
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"But I Don't Bleed!" Honoring Your Cycles For People Without Uteruses

Not everyone has a menstrual cycle - but we're all living cyclical lives.
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5 Period Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Spotting out of control? Is it NBD or something big? Here's when you might need to go to the doctor.

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Heavy Periods Were Ruining My Life — And I Should Have Seen My Doctor Way Sooner

"I thought the bloody monsoon was something I’d always have to deal with; not normal for most people, but normal for me."
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Exercise And Your Period

Sweating while bleeding? Your period may interrupt your usual flow but exercise can often improve matters.
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Let's Make 2019 A Year of Breakthrough Progress on Dignified Periods

It's 2019. Time to see some period progress.
by Jane H.

Planned Parenthood Launched a New Sexual Health Chatbot & Here’s Why That’s So Important

Meet Roo, Planned Parenthood's new chatbot built to demystify reproductive health.

Roo has the potential to change the sex ed game.

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