67 Ways To Have An Intersectional International Women's Day

Let’s be clear - feminism isn’t feminism without intersectionality. Let’s take International Women’s Day to examine our privileges, embrace our differences and think about how we can build justice every day of the year. Here are 67 suggestions to get started.

by Jane H.

Grit: Two Women Entrepreneurs Tell All

What does it mean for women entrepreneurs to have grit? We sat down with Toni Desrosiers of Abeego to talk grit, entrepreneurship and humility. 
by Jane H.

How I Plan To Raise A Body Positive Black Daughter

Being body positive in the face of anti-Blackness is hard - because you have to confront your own demons first. 

by Guest Blogger

How Reusables Helped Me Escape Body Shame

Many people grow up learning that periods are dirty or shameful. What if we learned that our periods are powerful?

by Guest Blogger

The Problem with “Feminine” Wellness

If you're working in sexual health today - you've gotta be gender inclusive.
by Guest Blogger

Owning Your Space: Self Love As An Act of Resistance

The intersections of racism and sexism fuel body shame. Our guest blogger unpacks all of this nonsense - and makes a powerful case for self love as an act of resistance.
by Guest Blogger

5 Queer Love Stories For V-Day

It’s Valentine’s Day - a holiday that started out as a commemoration of a Christian martyr named Valentine, whose backstory is frankly 90% hypothesis, but...

by Jane H.

A Fat Girl Talks About Her Sex Life

February is the month for luuurve, but let's face it - you might not be feeling it for any number of reasons. To bring you...

by Guest Blogger

Can You Not? 3 Reasons to Ditch "Feminine Hygiene"

​The future is period positive. Or, as Chella Quint puts it: period neutral using a positive approach. But to get there, we need to grapple...

by Lisa F.