Cracking The Cup Code: Menstrual Cups 101

Curious about the menstrual cup, but you have questions?

Let us help. 

by Jane H.

Surfing The Crimson Wave: A Practical Guide To Heavy Flow

At Lunapads, we’ve learned that every period is different. Some of our customers manage their flow with a few pads or a trusty pair of...

by Jane H.

I Left My DivaCup At Home by Alysha Seriani

     Read more about the day this zine was made: I Met My Hero: Tavi Gevinson of Rookie Magazine

by Alysha S.

5 Reasons We ♥ The DivaCup

Question: Say you've got an extra $35 to spend this month, what do you do with it? Take your special person to a movie? Take...

by Morgan MW

5 Sweet Steps to Yoga, Periods & Mindfulness

If you’ve seen the hilarious “Sh*t Yogis say” video, then you will probably remember the moment where someone proudly exclaims, “The DivaCup changed my life!”....

by Madeleine S.

Our Green Travel Tips

With Madeleine and Suzanne's trip to Portland this week for the World Domination Summit, travel and adventure are naturally on our minds. We've been meaning...

by Lunapads Team

The DivaCup vs. Tampons

We often get asked what the difference is between The DivaCup and tampons. As is the case with disposable pads and Lunapads, it really is...

by Madeleine S.

A Feminist Education in Menstrual Alternatives

Roughly 1 year ago a friend recommended to me that i read the book Cunt: A Declaration of Independence. I took her advice and proceeded...

by Guest Blogger