How is The DivaCup different from other menstrual cups?

The DivaCup is made from soft, healthcare grade silicone. Some other menstrual cups are made from natural latex rubber (gum rubber), which contains a protein called nitrosamine. Those who have allergies or sensitivities to any form of latex should not use menstrual cups which are made from latex rubber.

The DivaCup also features extra grip ridges for easier removal. The stem of The DivaCup is shorter than other cups to allow for added comfort and a more secure fit with less leakage. Other patent-pending features make The DivaCup reliable, comfortable and easy-to-use.

The DivaCup is regulated by the FDA and is the only menstrual cup that holds a valid Health Canada license.

The DivaCup’s patent-pending design has been expertly engineered within the framework of FDA and Health Canada guidelines and is the only menstrual cup that is ISO certified.

The DivaCup is designed to be worn lower than other menstrual cups. Therefore, the stem has been designed shorter and the rounded edge on the stem is designed for more comfort. We use the highest quality silicone (there are many grades) to assure comfort and durability.

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