Would recommend to anyone

Since puberty I've always been a heavy, irregular bleeder. Before I went to college, I used generic disposable pads because that's what my mom bought, but I had a lot of leaks and consequently a lot of anxiety associated with my period. I switched to tampons in college, and I hadn't looked back, even though the tampons were far from perfect. I still had bleed-through now and then when I misjudged the level of absorbency needed, and toward the end of my cycle, ugh, really unpleasant to pull those things out.

And then a couple years ago, I started hearing about menstrual cups. I thought it sounded disgusting and messy, but ladies I know swear by them. I did some research, found out the DivaCup is large enough that I probably wouldn't ever need to change it in public restrooms, and that I could safely wear it in the days before an expected period, and I was sold.

The DivaCup took a little practice to insert properly, and I had a few light leaks (Lunapads Pantyliners did the trick) until I got the hang of it. But now I'm an ace at it! I'm more confident on my period than I've ever been, and I feel a lot safer knowing I have the cup with me in case my period is unpredictable. Somehow it's less embarrassing than carrying around tampons.

I would not go back at this point. The cup can be a little messy (not by virtue of itself, but because I have to put my fingers in the messy area to insert or remove it), but it's not bad. And it saves me both money and embarrassment. It's a great product I'd recommend to anyone.


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