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Best idea ever

I've been having all sorts of issues with pads and tampons. Finally got things almost under control with OB tampons, but then I had trouble finding them! So it was back to the drawing board. I had heard about Lunapads a while ago, and decided to finally check them out. BEST. IDEA. EVER. Ever since I started using Lunapads exclusively during my period, all the issues I'd been having have gone away. My periods are lighter, shorter and less painful. I recommend them all the time! 


On an eco kick

I've always hated my period. Absolutely hated it. It's always made me miserable - both physically (cramps and uncomfortable sanitary supplies) and emotionally. I had been debating cloth pads for about a year. Mostly it was part of the eco-kick I've been on, and I figured they couldn't possibly be any more uncomfortable than anything else I had tried. So I ordered my first Lunapads about two weeks ago.

Two days ago I started my period and I am *very* happy to wear these pads. They're so comfortable! They don't stick to me, they don't come unstuck and bunch up, and they keep me much dryer than any disposable pad I have ever tried. They barely even feel like I'm wearing a pad. I love them! I will definitely be recommending you to friends. 


Highly recommended switching

I just made the switch to The DivaCup and reusable pads! I love it! I've been trying to convert my friends and one of them is interested. I hope I can get as many people as possible to use this product. Not only does it cut down on your bills every year, but it's WAY more comfortable, and you aren't dumping a bunch of waste. If you're reading this, I highly recommend that you make the switch like I did. 


Mainstream pads were a horrible experience

I've been using Lunapads for over 5 years now, specifically the pads and liners. I honestly can't imagine using anything else. I'll NEVER go back to the nasty mainstream disposable pads. They made me itch and sometimes burn by the last days of my period. It was a horrible experience. Lunapads came into my life just after I started trying to sew my own pads out of thick cotton material. Once I discovered Lunapads, I abandoned my homemade pads and haven't looked back since. Lunapads have perfected the technique of how to make quality menstrual pads. I plan to purchase another set of pads very soon. This will make my third order. I should be set after this.


Helped with my dysphoria

I've been using Lunapads for about five years now and I absolutely love them. I recommend them to everyone I know who menstruates. I used to have all sorts of irritation from using disposable menstrual pads, but haven't had any issues since making the switch. That alone would sell me on these.

But they're also great for dysphoria. I'm masculine-leaning nonbinary and I never feel less at home in my own skin than when I'm on my period. It's a reminder that my body isn't the way I would have it - and more than that, it often forces me into using public restrooms, which are the bane of my existence. It's bad enough that I know I'm on my period, I don't need everyone else knowing too.

With Lunapads, I don't have the problem of announcing to the entire bathroom, "Hey, I'm on my period!" And as much as I'm not a fan of menstruating - and frankly probably never will be - I feel about a thousand times better getting up in the morning and deciding "Do I want owls today, or am I feeling more plaid?" instead of having to pack my bag with very feminine disposable pads.