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Donations for youth and teen program

My teen and I have been happy Lunapads users for years. We love the comfort and convenience of our reusable pads.

Recently, I received a message from the director of our Youth and Teen program asking for holiday donations for a family in need. The Mom and Daughter asked for menstrual products in lieu of gifts. This broke my heart! To think that these ladies were having such a hard time meeting their needs that they asked for those items instead of anything else!

I immediately called the director and asked if the ladies would be willing to try Lunapads. A few minutes later I received a call with an enthusiastic YES! I happily ordered Deluxe Kits for Mom and Daughter and can't wait to get the items!

Thank you Lunapads for being such a wonderful company and having such a terrific product that I can share! This is one less thing these ladies will have to worry about.


I felt personally cared for

I love that Lunapads is a small company, comprised of caring people who understand exactly the way I'm feeling. When I looked over the receipt of my first order and noticed that one of your team had written 'Blessings!' on my receipt, I really felt that I was being personally cared for. Thank you.


The great work you do

I've been using my Lunapads for 9 years now! They were a lifesaver after my daughter was born via VBAC seven months ago, and I am so looking forward to giving her a set of her own when she reaches puberty. I love how comfortable they are, and that I'm not contributing waste to landfills every month. My husband- who surprised me while he was still my boyfriend by purchasing my Luna's for me all those years ago- loves that with them, I'm not exposing my body to dioxins or other harmful chemicals. Love you guys and the great work you do. Keep it up!


Love what you stand for

I've been using the DivaCup for 3 years now, and I love it! I love knowing what a difference I'm making by not having pads and tampons clog up water systems and the landfill, I love being able to travel so lightly when I am bleeding, and I LOVE everything your company stands for. It's just fabulous.


Caring customer service

LOVE THE DIVA CUP! Just bought it after thinking about it for over 2 years (I saw it about 5 years ago). It fits and works great! A little practice time to figure out how to use it.. but it's so convenient with a teeny pantyliner. I've ordered from Luna Pads a few times, each time I call, someone who is very caring answers. THANKS!


Feeling great about myself

I purchased a DivaCup about five years ago and would never think of using anything else for my period! I have saved an incredible amount of money, and I feel great that I'm doing my part to be eco-positive! Thanks so much Lunapads!


A lifesaver through premenopause

I have used my DivaCup regularly since purchasing it several years ago. It has been a lifesaver, particularly as I have gotten close to menopause and experience heavy periods.


The divacup goes swimming

I took a vacation to the beaches of NC and of course my monthly visitor picked the first day to show up. Instead of being stuck beach side during our only vacation of the year, I was able to swim with no problems. I had a wonderful time and barely thought about my period. Thanks!