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An investment in saving money

I bought the DivaCup seven months ago after a couple of years of using Instead Softcups. I found the Diva Cup through the Dodson and Ross blog and thought it sounded like an excellent idea. I am thrilled with not having used feminine products in the waste basket. Though the cost was a shock initially, I know that it has saved me money in the long run. I love not having to dash to the drug store at the last minute. I am a convert for the rest of my reproductive life, when this one needs to be replaced, I will definitely be back!


Saving the planet, 1 pad at a time

I have used the diva cup and lunapads for five years now and do not have any regrets. I love them so much that I wanted more and more people to know about this option in feminine hygiene. My friends thought I was crazy, but I gave a speech on the subject. I spoke to my nursing class about the benefits of using cloth over disposable pads and how the diva cup has revolutionized my period experience. The audience was a little timid, but after class I had a group asking me questions about the products. I have even informed my gynecologist about the revolution of using cloth pads and the diva cup. All in all, I am one happy woman saving the environment one pad and tampon at a time.


Exceeded my expectations

Wow! Lunapads have completely amazed me! I am so happy with my decision to buy my first kit of lunapads - I'm not going to lie, it took me more than a month to finally make the decision to buy (I was worried that they were too expensive, or what if I didn't like, how would they possibly be able to work as well as disposables?) but I finally did and I just have to say, WOW!

Lunapads have exceeded all of my expectations and are one of the best products I have ever had in my possession! They are extremely comfortable (no more of the uncomfortable plastic-type stuff!), work perfectly, and are worth every penny! Thank you!


Happy period with no guilt

Thank you so much for such a wonderful product. I have always had this feeling of guilt when tossing away so so many disposable pads. With Lunapads I can have a happy period with no guilt! Thanks!


Impressed with quality

I am so impressed with the high quality of these products. I bought the starter kit and some extra liners. I was a bit apprehensive at the time, but after one cycle, I am hooked. I love that there are ZERO chemicals and no adverse skin reactions!! They are very comfortable and extremely easy to clean. I soaked them as the instructions mentioned just before washing and there were no stains. Thank you for being so committed to our health!


Changing my period forever

I'm not sure how to start this testimonial because what I'd like to say feels so big! Lunapads changed my life and I am so happy that I made the transition to reusable pads.

Prior to my switch, I had all of the common objections to reusable pads...that they would be hard to clean/take care of, that people would be able to tell, that they wouldn't be as reliable as disposable pads. My health and concerns about the environment inspired me to purchase a trial kit and I never looked back. None of my objections were true! In fact, the exact opposite of each is true!

Lunapads are easy to care for, easy to use, completely reliable...and they are actually comfortable to wear! But the best thing about them is how they make me feel. I feel more connected to myself, to my body, and to this planet. Plus, I have none of the health issues I had prior to my switch. Lunapads are an incredible product, it's an incredible company, and making the switch will change your periods forever.



No more bulky bags of bleached pads

I'm finally buying a Lunapads Kit after 6 years of looking at them. I had made my own pads (still use them 6 years later) and use a DivaCup. Wanted some new pads and the cost of a kit vs. time spent making them + materials equals a savings!

I've suffered painful periods (dysmenorrhea) since beginning my cycle at 11 years old. Lunapads have really helped with general discomfort of menstruating: nice and soft against delicate skin and no moisture trapped to cause chaffing. And no more bulky bags of bleached pads to store! Thanks Lunapads for great products!


A personalized set

I love using these pads! They are so soft and comfortable. Anytime I have to wear disposables I notice the difference right away, and can't wait to get a lunapad on again. I also like the color and design, I like knowing that it's my own personalized set.