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Ready to make the switch but not sure where to begin? With over 20 years of experience developing reusable menstrual alternatives and talking to customers all over the world about their everyday and monthly needs, we can help! Use this section to guide your choices to a healthier, more eco positive period.


Pad-style Lunapads are comprised of 2 parts: (1) an absorbent, leak-resistant Pad Base with wings that fasten around the gusset of your underwear and (2) a removable Insert. Inserts are made of absorbent fleece and are secured to the top of the Pad Base with ric-rac bands. Changing your Insert throughout the day as needed allows you to use the same Pad Base all day.

Pads are customized for absorption using Inserts, making them suitable for a variety of needs: light, moderate or heavy menstrual flow, as well as light bladder leaks or stress incontinence. All Pad-style Lunapads contain a leak-resistant inner core to prevent soaking through.

Available in: Mini, Maxi, Long, Overnight, Postpartum.
How to Choose Pads | Pads FAQ | Buy Pads


Pantyliners are a thin, breathable product with light absorbency intended for daily use, light menstrual flow, and are often worn as backup protection for tampons or menstrual cups. Because Pantyliners are not intended to be used for moderate or heavy menstrual flow, they do not contain a leak-resistant lining, and you do not have the ability to change removable Inserts as needed.

Available in: Thong, Teeny, Mini, Long.
How to Choose Pantyliners | Pantyliners FAQ | Buy Pantyliners


Lunapads Underwear are functional, multi-purpose underwear that put some of the best features of Lunapads right into a stylish and comfortable pair of underwear. With an absorbent gusset panel permanently sewn in, LunaUndies are a convenient and discreet all-in-one replacement for disposable pads, pantyliners and light bladder leakage products.

Professionally constructed with primarily natural or organic cotton fabrics, Lunapads Underwear are ideal for everyday use, and can also be worn during varying levels of menstrual flow, light bladder leakage, or as backup protection for menstrual cups.

Available in: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL.
How to Choose LunaUndies | LunaUndies FAQ | Buy LunaUndies


The DivaCup is a menstrual cup made of healthcare grade silicone that is inserted into the vagina to collect menstrual flow. It is plastic-free and BPA-free, and can safely be worn for up to 12 hours at a time. This product is a fantastic alternative to tampons and is suitable for light, moderate or heavy menstrual flow. Some customers choose to use a Lunapads Pantyliner or Lunapads Underwear as backup protection with an internal product like a tampon or menstrual cup.

Available in: Size 1, Size 2
Choose Size 1 if you are under 30 & have never delivered vaginally or by c-section
Choose Size 2 if you are over 30 or have delivered vaginally or by c-section.

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