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Meow Meow Tweet Baking Soda-Free Deodorant

Meow Meow Tweet's natural underarm deodorant cream without baking soda is perfect for those with sensitive skin that reacts to the baking soda in other natural deodorants.

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Meow Meow Tweet

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Made the switch to natural deodorant but struggle with underarm sensitivity from baking soda? This modified recipe of Meow Meow Tweet's classic deodorant is perfect for those with sensitive skin and just as effective. Designed without baking soda and clay, this recipe uses dietary magnesium and arrowroot powder to help control moisture and odor. Nourishing plant oils and butters soothe and condition the skin, and a potent blend of citrusy essential oils keeps you smelling fresh throughout the day. Gently rub a pea-sized amount into each armpit with your fingertips (don't push hard, those pits are sensitive!)

*arrowroot powder, *shea butter, magnesium hydroxide, *virgin coconut oil, *jojoba oil, *grapefruit essential oil, *bergamot essential oil, *sweet orange essential oil, *lemon essential oil
*certified organic ingredient

Contains no unnecessary hardeners or waxes, so the consistency will change with temperature fluctuation. Does not contain aluminum compounds that have been linked to breast cancer. Though this deodorant does effectively absorb some moisture, it is not an antiperspirant. But hey, sweating is natural, embrace it!

ABOUT MEOW MEOW TWEET We are a small batch natural apothecary based in Brooklyn, NY. As makers and purveyors, we hope to encourage small changes in the lives of our customers through the physical, emotional and ecological healthfulness of completely natural goods for body and home. All of our goods are made with organic plant oils and butters. We use only steam distilled and cold-pressed essential oils and organic and wildcrafted botanicals to scent and lend healthful properties to our products. We use absolutely no animal products. No carmine, no beeswax, no honey, no palm oil, no lanolin, no tallow- nothing but plant-based and food grade ingredients.


Customer Reviews (5)

Lovely scentReview by Meaghan
Volume to cost ratio, compared to the Sola deodorant, it gets 5 stars. Fresh citrus scent, compared to every other product, it gets 5 stars. I bought this wondering if the lack of bicarb would make a difference, it doesn't irritate the skin but it might affect longer term odour control. I'm glad I read a review reminding me these products are deodorants only, not antiperspirants. You'll sweat. It will seem like a lot, especially if you've come from the world of commercial antiperspirant products. But you won't pong, and you won't itch. The consistency of the Sola is nicer and creamier, but for value for money this is a winner. Next time I'll try the MMT with bicarb and hopefully get the happy medium! (Posted on 11/4/2016)
Love Love Love Review by linda
Every other natural deodorant I have tried I had to reapply more then once a day but this stuff really does the trick. I only have to use it once a day and still do not stink after a full 8 hour shift working and sweating. (Posted on 9/20/2015)
2nd ReviewReview by Conchita
I've been using this now for quite a while now as I eventually did develop an allergy (painful) to the baking soda in other deoderants. As this one has no baking soda it is the only one I can use and I am very happy with it. My husband uses it now. It still gets the job done without the baking soda so I definitely recommend it. Maybe one day they will make it in stick format although I don't really mind using the tips of my fingers. So glad I can rely on this deoderant to get me through the day! :-) (Posted on 9/16/2015)
It's GoodReview by RB
I have issues with every deodorant known to women. Regular deodorants cause rashes, irritations, I sweat them right off, and they do nothing with my body odor (I joke around saying I sweat like a man). I've tried all natural deodorants at stores and I've had reactions to them along with them making me smell worse. I finally found one deodorant that actually works great, only have to apply it once a day (whereas I would almost literally have to reapply every hour) but it has so much baking soda in it that it causes a rash and it makes me itch so bad. After finding this site, I decided to try the baking soda free deodorant here. When I first got it in the mail, it was melted from the heat. It somewhat solidified but it's still liquidy with broken up pieces. I absolutely love the smell! It smells great! I have to apply a lot more than a pea size amount for it to work for at least half a day. Then, I absolutely must wash my armpits that night, or it will start stinking. Sometimes I'm busy or forget and will take a shower in the morning but it stinks. At least I no longer have itchy irritated armpits - but I wish it was more solid and worked better and longer. I'm trying the coconut one next time (Posted on 7/29/2015)
Pleasantly Surprised!Review by Conchita
I bought this because the SOLA was out of stock and was pleasantly surprised because it did the job perfectly with no nasty reactions and it also smells very fresh. I'm surprised there are no reviews on it to be honest. I decided to get this version as it says BAKING SODA FREE and they openly state that some people have had allergic reactions to the the one containing baking soda. It's definitely a good choice like the SOLA one. Very happy! (Posted on 7/23/2015)

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