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Mini Pad & Insert

Mini Pads feature a leakproof, absorbent core and are adjustable to accommodate light, moderate, or heavy menstrual flow and light / stress incontinence. Add and replace inserts to increase absorbency and freshen your pad throughout the day.


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Includes 1 Mini Pad & 1 Mini Insert

Suitable for light, moderate, or heavy menstrual flow and light / stress incontinence.
Mini Pads and Inserts are each 8” (20.3cm) long and approximately 2.5” (6.5cm) wide when fastened.

Additional Mini Basic or Mini Wing Inserts may be added to increase absorbency and prevent leaks. A single Pad will last  a full day, provided that the Insert is changed before soaking through. Inserts will last approximately as long per use as a comparably-sized disposable pad or tampon.

Wing Extenders add an extra ½" of width to fit underwear with a gusset wider than 2.5".

Additional Info

Additional Info

Length 8" (20.3cm)
Absorbency Light, Moderate, Heavy
Body Petite
Features Adjustable Absorbency, Leakproof, Natural Fibres, Organic Fibres
Construction and Performance

Pad Base: 2 Layer, 100% cotton flannel base topped with an absorbent panel made of 2 layers of cotton fleece, and 1 layer of PUL to prevent soaking through. Nickel-free, Silver-plated brass single snap fastening.
Insert: 2 layers of 100% cotton fleece.

A single Pad will get you through an entire day of your cycle; just change your Insert as needed. Inserts will last approximately as long (per use) as a comparably-sized disposable pad or tampon. Unlike most disposable pads, Lunapads do not contain any added chemicals, gels, or super absorbent polymers. Given this, Lunapads users need to be mindful of changing the Insert as frequently as their flow dictates in order to prevent soaking through the Pad. Frequent changing of the Inserts significantly enhances the comfort and performance of the Pad.

Lunapads will last upwards of 5 years with recommended usage and care. Many of our customers report they still own some Lunapads from 10 years ago!

Wash and Care

Lunapads can be washed by hand or machine in any temperature with your regular detergent. Pre-soaking or rinsing in cold water prior to washing is recommended (but not always necessary) particularly if the pads are heavily saturated. Do not soak for longer than 24 hours.

We recommend natural cleaning products such as Nellie’s All Natural Laundry Soda for regular cleaning, and Buncha Farmers Stain Remover to perk up stained pads. Heavily stained pads may also benefit from occasional machine wash and dry in hot settings or air drying in direct sunlight.

Please avoid the use of chlorine bleach or fabric softeners to clean Lunapads, as this will decrease the performance of the products and is harmful to the environment.

How to Use

Wrap the Pad around the gusset of your underwear and close the snap to secure. The absorbent fleece panel in the center of the pad should be facing up towards your body. Incorrect placement may result in reduced comfort and performance of the Pad.

Inserts can be added as desired by sliding under the ric-rac bands on the Pad. Multiple Inserts may be used for increased absorbency. Pads can be refreshed as desired by removing and replacing the Insert(s). Please note that Inserts are not intended to be worn without a Pad.

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Customer Reviews (23)

Pretty good, but know better.Review by Maddy Rose
I think that these pads are pretty okay and I love what they stand by. But I don't think they're he best out there and they're fairly expensive for one ($14 CAD without an insert). They are good quality, but when the non organic option for an 8" pad is $14 I think that's pretty expensive. They also aren't the most comfortable, I've found they're stiffer than other cloth pads I've tried, and they pill up in the wash with some lint. I mean, I've found better 8" pads on etsy that don't pill up and are about $7-10 (considerably cheaper). So overall, I wouldn't recommend but I do stand by reusable pads :). (Posted on 1/6/2017)
Love love love!Review by Meg
I bought a kit back in January, which came with 3 different sizes and a mix of wing and regular inserts in every size. At first I thought it would feel bulky, but then I forgot they were there actually there because they were so soft! I love them! I love that I don't have to buy pads every month, or have to look for the best deals in pads - I always have them! I have a bucket I keep in the laundry room and I fill it with a little oxyclean and water and let them soak, and then throw them in with my laundry - they always come out stain free! Best choice ever, and I will never ever go back to wearing disposable ones!

If you haven't tried cloth yet, I would highly recommend! They are better in every way! My plan is to buy a new pad once a year, then I will always have a small collection in the (hopefully) far future when they start to break down, or not work as well. I figured it was better to collect in small batches then I don't have to buy large batches in case I have a bunch give out on me,in 5 or more years down the road! Thank you Lunapads for making amazing products!! See you in Jan! (Posted on 9/8/2016)
So Much Better Than DisposablesReview by Nicole
They're breathable and environmentally friendly. The only problem that I have with them is after a couple of washes, they're starting to get a little linty. I'm finding colored lint stuck to me and my panties. But I guess it's a small price to pay. (Posted on 2/11/2016)
So thankful I found LunapadsReview by Devon
I was having a problem with getting a rash from disposable pads every cycle, so I decided to switch to cloth. I've tried two other brands and Lunapads are by FAR the best! So comfortable, a thousand times more comfortable than traditional pads. They work great. I love how you can change out and double up the liners as needed. As for washing them, it is not even close to as bad as most people would imagine. I soak mine and then do a quick way in the washer and hang to dry - no big deal at all. (Posted on 7/16/2015)
ADJUSTABLE <3Review by Dolly Anne
I love that if you don't position it right, you can give a little tug front or back for maxium comfort! No "welp guess i'm stuck like this for a few hours" or having to waste it and get another with regular pads. They also don't make that weird little tail in the back like regulars when the adherent sticks together! Super cute and eco-friendly! So happy I found you guys! Best pads ever! (Posted on 4/17/2015)
Happy Review by DanniJay
I switched to cloth upon my Dr's advice, after experiencing health issues from a sensitivity to preservatives in disposables. I find the maxi pad to be comparable in length to the "regular ultrathin" drugstore pad brands. My collection includes 10 of these, which I use for day and overnight wear. No leaks, No fuss, No shifting. I've been using them for 2 1/2 years and they are still in excellent condition. Well worth the investment. (Posted on 9/16/2014)
Love the quality & it's a money-saver!Review by Lala
I bought a few of these Lunapads in 2004 and have been using them until now! I am back for another purchase finally since the snaps wore out. What workmanship! The pads feel great and work even better, which makes me feel better about having a period. I am a petite woman, and it works for me to use a pad with one insert plus one winged insert for heavy flow, so these are great any time. The inserts are nice and absorbant. I hope the quality is the same 10 years later, and I am trying the maxi pads as well (bought a kit). I'll update if anything changes, but as of today, I'd give Lunapads 10 stars if I could. Environmental, quality, money-saver... and the pads work wonders without much hassle. I actually bought these when I was still living in the dorm at college, and I felt fine about using the laundry-mat with them and taking a little private time to rinse them out beforehand (a worry for some). It's really no big deal; you'll be glad you switched! (Posted on 1/20/2014)
Wish they didn't move!Review by Lauren
I love how comfortable and cute these are, but when I walk they make their way very quickly to the back of my undies leaving me without protection. It's hard to discreetly reach into my pants to pull them back into place. I'm considering putting extra snaps in my lunapanties to solve this problem, but I wish it wasn't such a hassle. (Posted on 6/26/2013)
The Perfect Daytime Pad!Review by Lauren
These are my favorite for daytime use during my period. They are so soft that I want to wear them all the time! Much softer than my underwear! I do occasionally get some leaking out the side where the seam is, but as I get used to using them it happens less and less often. Just using the wing inserts helps a lot, and doubling them up on my heaviest days. I just wish there were more organic cotton print options.
Thank you Lunagals! Keep it up! (Posted on 6/14/2013)
Careful with the colorsReview by Ecolo
I just want to warn people that the colors will dye your other clothing if you wash it all together as they say. At least, it is true for the teal color. I've had no problem with the black one nor with the pink one. (Posted on 4/24/2013)
So much more comfortableReview by Bright
If you have problems with soreness during your period, you should really try a luna pad. I've always found disposable pads to be unbreathable, and they like...swell up and get hard and are just SO uncomfortable! I was afraid to try cloth pads at first because I worried that they might be even MORE uncomfortable, but I am so glad I tried them! They breathe, so your skin doesn't get all chafed, they stay soft and are a lot smaller than a disposable maxi, even before it gets wet.

I bought my first 3-pack on sale when I was in high school, and it came with a free little bag, which I really appreciated since I sometimes have to change my pad at school or a friend's house. Ten years later, I still have those three pads (I lost all the inserts though - but you can buy them separately! so I just did, along with some new pads and pantyliners! ^__^), plus two pantyliners. I had three, but my little sister (who was in middle school and just started her period, and was having problems with soreness) stole my brand-new pantyliner! The cloth is much easier on her than disposable pads.

I think luna pads are especially good for girls going through puberty, because they are so much more comfortable. And I've got a fairly average flow, sometimes heavier, sometimes lighter, and I've never needed more than one of these mini pads and one insert per day! SAVES A LOT OF MONEY! :D (Posted on 3/29/2013)
Perfect during the day for heavier daysReview by rlh
I've received my mini pad and inserts just in time for my cycle and I must say I'm very pleased with them!

I've been a Diva Cup user for years but wanted to get away from any internal options so ordered these. I already had the long pads but found them to be too long for during the day (but great for nights) so opted to try this size as I like the pantyliners so much in this size.

I have these to be the perfect size for me during the day and very comfortable. I used with winged and regular inserts and still worked great. On my heavy days I found I had to change the liners frequently but it was so easy and convenient to do it was no problem at all. Less messy for me than the Diva Cup and much easier and more comfortable.

I've just ordered more and look forward to next month when I can try it out all over again. (Posted on 12/12/2012)
Too Short for MeReview by Danika
I love the quality, prints, price and concept of this product, but I found that the Mini Pads are too short for me..... not unbearable for daytime use, but certainly not suitable for overnight.

I returned these for Maxi Pads instead. (Posted on 9/6/2012)
Impressed!Review by Daniela
Unlike some other posters, I was never really dissatisfied with the use of disposable pads and tampons. During my most recent visit to the Lunapads website, I began to read about their Pads4Girls program, and fell in love with the cause. I decided to place an order right away. It makes me really happy to support a great Canadian company that gets involved with the same world issues that I'm already passionate about.

I got my mini pads and extra liners today. So far, I'm happy with the product. Even for a smaller lady (5'4", 115 lbs), they were a bit shorter than expected..... so I'm keeping them for my lighter days and ordering a few maxis for days 1 + 2 of my period. The pattern (funky trunks) is ADORABLE and the workmanship seems very sturdy. The best part is that they are soooo super comfortable!!!!

I'm officially converted. :) (Posted on 6/11/2012)
ComfortableReview by Jessica
I must admit, I'm a full time "Diva Cupper". However, there is one time of year when the cup isn't an option. Sure, that checkup only occurs annually, but my conscience just would not allow me to purchase a disposable for any reason. I would have to be stranded with nothing but a dime to appease that pushy little voice!

Now, typically, I would only need a pad for one day; plenty of time for all the lubricant to drain. The checkup following my Lunapad purchase was a different matter: the OBGYN actually scratched my cervix! While I hear this is common, I was none too pleased. Fortunately, I purchased a pad with an insert rather than a sample liner, because the bleeding lasted a couple days.

The difference between a Luna pad and Kotex is unbelievable. You really need to try it! The material is soft, flexible, doesn't crumple, and *receives* fluid instead of grabbing all moisture from your body. The uninitiated may think, "Pads don't do that; tampons do!" but those of us who have experienced the difference know the truth.

With this experience under the proverbial belt, I am only too willing (for many people's comfort) to share this wonderful revelation with the world! (Posted on 4/15/2012)
Great performance!Review by Camille
When I first got these I thought they would be a little too short (they are the same size as the mini pantyliner but they have a waterproof layer and work with liners). However, they're super absorbent (especially with the winged liner for side leaking) and I've never had any leaks with them I believe! The pad along with a liner is thicker than a regular ultra thin disposable pad but these are so absorbent that I don't need a pad that covers me way up my butt for most days of my cycle because they absorb well and fast. And they are so comfy! (coming from an ex "Always infinity" pad user- they absorb just as well I find (maybe change them a bit more often.). This may be TMI, but sometimes when I'm rinsing out my pad I can't believe the amount of blood that comes out of my liner.
If you're on the petite side (size small underwear) and have a moderate-heavy flow, these should cover you well on most days of your period. By the way, use snug fitting undies for best results to maintain good contact with the pad and avoid leaking. No granny panties! Love lunapads! (Posted on 4/14/2012)
Great substitute for disposablesReview by Ell
Overall, these pads have been a great substitute for disposable pads. They are my first cloth pads and I've loved making the switch to cloth.

At first the design felt quite bulky, but I found that after the first wash, the pads and liners shrink a little and feel less obvious.

I only use the mini pads and liners, and don't feel the need for any extra length, even at night, because these provide good contact and absorbency.

I have to admit, I have had a problem with leaking, though. On days where I've had unexpectedly heavy flow, I've found on two occasions that a regular liner hasn't been enough and I've had some spillage onto the wing. Because the wing isn't absorbent like the liner, it's soaked through to my undies. I'm hoping that this will be solved with winged liners, which I've ordered but not tried yet.

I've found that the light blue and pink liners can stain quite easily, so I prefer the black liners. I also love that you can switch out the liners during the day without having to change the whole pad.

Overall, these pads are comfortable and perfect for most flow days. (Posted on 3/18/2012)
FantasticReview by Shaliene
I love these they are so much better than pads and very easy to clean and reuse. (Posted on 9/27/2011)
My fave LunaPad : )Review by AngelinaAurora
Just the right size (I find the other styles too long) and you can use them with or without the additional liner making them very versatile. This is my second order for them. Also LOVE the new fabrics...makes my period much happier knowing I have such pretty patterns in my pants : ) (Posted on 9/15/2011)
Love It!Review by Claire
I absolutely LOVE Lunapads, and the Mini Pad and Liner work great for me. I am so happy I made the switch to reusable cloth pads. I love the softness and comfort of the pad and liner, plus they're so cute!! My skin would often get irritated from using disposables, and I would dread having to use a pad while on my period, but not anymore, bye bye plastic!! And since using Lunapads I have never experienced a leak, which I often would with disposables, as they're so absorbent. My only regret is that I wish I started using them from the very beginning. I just love them! :) (Posted on 9/15/2011)

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Reusable menstrual products are eco-friendly, money-saving, healthy alternatives to disposable pads and tampons. Lunapads will last well over 5 years with recommended use and care! While individual use may vary, we estimate that a single Lunapad replaces 120 disposable pads or tampons.

A Conversation about The DivaCup

There are lots of reasons to switch from tampons to The DivaCup; convenience, comfort, your health, the environment, financial savings & more. This first episode in our new video series shares the personal accounts of a group of DivaCup users, and explores what motivated each woman to try this innovative menstrual solution.

Why Switch to Lunapads?

Roughly 20 billion pads, tampons and applicators are sent to North American landfills annually. Each menstruating person in North America will throw away an estimated 16,800 disposable pads or tampons in their lifetime; products that require hundreds of years to biodegrade. Imagine the difference we could make if we chose to ditch the disposables.

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